18 August 2016

Innovation in Digital Health: A Road of Incremental Improvements

The healthcare sector has long been heralded as a sector which will be transformed through digital technologies. It is clear that we are at the start of this development...

21 January 2016

Digital Distribution of Healthcare Services

In a previous post we highlighted how organisations across many sectors have derived competitive advantage by owning the distribution channel for their products and services...

31 March 2015

Storm ID Appointed to Streamline NHS Scotland’s Digital Services

Three former divisions within NHS National Services Scotland – Health Facilities Scotland, National Services Division and National Procurement - have appointed Storm ID to...

20 August 2013

A duty of care – Creating a dashboard of your life

There are almost countless prophetic quotes in George Orwell’s brave and rebellious novel, 1984. None perhaps describes the modern cult of analytics and tracking as well as...

5 April 2012

Plugging in to Health – The GP API

We are convinced that there will be a general trend to move away from relying on a central system to hold our data and respond to our illness, towards collating personal data...

14 February 2012

GP or not GP?

Best estimates suggest that a confluence of fertility rate and migration will lead to the UK population doubling in 75 years. The number of registered GPs in the UK is...

21 October 2009

Bebo and Facebook Now Live For NHS Forth Valley Central Sexual Health

Campaign continues to grow, raising awareness of sexual health issues. New 'how safe are you?' quizzes, forum activity and display...

16 October 2009

New Campaign for NHS Central Sexual Health

Storm ID have coordinated an advertising campaign for NHS Central Sexual Health. Targeted at gay and straight communities to raise awareness of sexual health matters....