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Storm ID Design and Build New Digital Service for Exova

Storm ID was appointed in November 2014, by Exova, one of the world’s leading providers of laboratory-based testing, calibration and advisory services to conceive, design and build a digital service for their Proficiency Testing Program (PTP).

The Exova Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) team is located in Toulouse at the heart of the European aerospace cluster and serves customers across the aerospace supply chain.

The PTP team are responsible for administering the provision of global proficiency testing programmes for suppliers of aerospace sponsors including Airbus, General Electric, SAFRAN.

The Challenge

The PTP website is an integral part of Exova’s brand as large numbers of customers access the portal every year.  This includes the sponsors, participant companies and competitors.

It was therefore essential that the PTP website was underpinned by the latest technology, thus enabling programme participants to access and submit information in an accessible but secure manner.

Project Objectives

The Solution

Storm delivered the project, undertaking an iterative development approach and split the project into four phases:

Storm developed a working HTML wireframe early on in the project in order to demonstrate the features and services that would be fundamental to the use of the product.

A set of core features were then developed and refined for the Alpha release and subsequently iterated upon for further releases.

Developer Notes –


The site is fully responsive using a bespoke Microsoft .Net MVC solution.  We ensure that all websites adapt to the screen size, platform and orientation through which a user is browsing them in order to provide the optimum experience across any device from desktop to smartphone.

Finite State Machine

The core of the web application was developed as a finite state machine. This is used to transition a test kit through various states with each transition depending on a range of input conditions. Each transition takes participant or administrator action as an input and has email notifications, exposing conditional admin functions and test data being made available as outputs.

Kit Submission Form Builder

A key requirement for the project was allowing administrators to set and update the online forms used for test kit submissions. A client side form builder component was used to allow submission forms to be created easily and efficiently. The dynamic data submitted by the forms is saved and made available to administrators and scheme sponsors.

The Results

The Exova PTP website went live in January 2015 and has been well received with a 65% conversion rate in the first 2 weeks post launch.

Storm continue to track and report on the website though Google Analytics.

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