Our Storm Troopers: Meet Mathisse

28 June 2018

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Beverly Sills

As we say goodbye to a (suspiciously) sunny June, it’s time to say hello to another one of our Storm Troopers. This time it’s our American expat and Account Manager extraordinaire, Mathisse! From deadlifts to karaoke, discover what hidden talents she’s got up her sleeve, as well as more about her role here at Storm.

Hey Mathisse! Let’s get started with your background. How did you end up working in digital?

I came to digital in a roundabout way. I studied at the University of Miami (go Canes!) and majored in Sports Administration with a couple of business related minors because I really wanted to work in sports. But, after a few sports jobs, I wasn’t sure that the focus on sales was for me. I was also keen on learning more tangible skills, and getting in some more travelling while I could, so that’s what brought me to the University of Edinburgh where I did an MSc in Design and Digital Media.

So, how long have you been in Edinburgh?

I’ve been in Edinburgh coming up to nine years now, which is crazy because it doesn’t feel like almost a decade! Away from work, I try to explore the city in equal parts by running new routes that I wouldn’t normally wander through, or by having a Sunday pub lunch, or sometimes pub crawl with friends.

What does your role entail? What do you enjoy most about your job?

As an Account Manager, I’m essentially an internal representative for clients and work with them to understand project requirements, then draft proposals with the help of Storm team members. I’ll also liaise with them on a range of things, from admin tasks like invoicing and contracts, to responding and support tickets. I enjoy that no two days are the same and I get to chat and learn about the interesting history of clients, as well as working closely with the internal team to keep everything running smoothly.

Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents we might not know about?

I’ve perfected “Waterfalls” by TLC at karaoke over the years. I don’t claim to be a good singer, but karaoke is my jam. I’m also into my strength training and love heavy lifting. The most I have deadlifted is 100kg as a one rep max, but hoping to build on that!

If you could add one song to the office playlist, what would it be?

“Suavemente” by Elvis Crespo because it reminds me of parties as a teenager in Miami. It’s nice to have some upbeat music while working!

Good choice! What’s your favourite thing about Storm?

Besides it being a straight 20-minute walk from my flat? It has to be the people, as everyone is really smart and willing to take 5 minutes (or however long it takes) to answer questions.

How many languages can you speak? Do you wish you could speak any more?

At this point, it’s more accurate to say that I understand French fluently, but I don’t have the same vocabulary knowledge that I used to! It’s helped me a lot when going to European countries. I wish I could speak Spanish because as a kid I learned up to about 5 years old and then forgot it all! Definitely something to keep working on.

What has been your proudest achievement to date?

It has to be finishing the Edinburgh half marathon a few years ago, and also raising over $1000 for a charity called Hope for Haiti, which aims to improve the quality of life in Haiti through providing funds for more classrooms and supplies, healthcare and more. My Mom is from Haiti, so it meant a lot to do something that could go a little way towards supporting families there.

That’s amazing, well done! What about books, do you have a favourite?

As a kid, I remember when I read “To Kill a Mockingbird” and thinking how interesting it was that the main point of view is from a little girl, given such a serious subject matter. But, also on another level, I grasped that it was important that fictional books about the Jim Crow era are taught in schools to give more of an understanding beyond just history textbooks.

And finally, what’s on your bucket list?

To see all 50 states in the US one day. It doesn’t help that I’ve moved away, but I managed to knock off Hawaii last year so once I go to Alaska, that leaves me only the rest of the Continental US to go!

Thanks Mathisse, happy travels!

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