Our Storm Troopers: Meet Jill

31 October 2017

Not all heroes wear capes

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More than just a meme (and a terrible Owl City song), the much-loved adage of capeless heroes is undeniable. (I should know, I watched The Incredibles this weekend and Edna Mode is 100% against capes. You don’t argue with Edna.)

Here at Storm, we have the endlessly capable Jill to manage the office, HR and facilities. She’s an unsung hero, keeping daily office life running smoothly and saving us from caffeine withdrawal when the coffee machine breaks. She’s a really good egg.

storm trooper in egg

Hey Jill! Thanks for taking the time to chat! It’s the usual starter for ten: what’s your background?

Hi! So, after school I went to college to study beauty therapy and then worked in the beauty industry for around 6 years. I loved being a therapist but the hours were long and the job was physically demanding.

I then moved onto working on reception and managing the salon as well as studying for my Microsoft Diploma in my free time. As a result, I managed to secure a reception role in some new serviced offices which was Monday to Friday and I never looked back.

I was heavily involved in the facilities management and health and safety side of things in the serviced offices and enjoyed this side of the job. One of my clients offered me a job as Executive Assistant & Office Manager when they moved into a new building. This helped me gain even more experience and also to kick start my career as an Office Manager. However, I knew pretty quickly that being a PA wasn’t for me!

When you’re not at work, how do you like to spend your time in the city?

I love spending time with friends and family so you will find me in town most weekends having food and drinks. I probably spend too much time in the shops as well!

As Office Manager, what are your responsiblities?

So I’m involved in keeping the office running smoothly. This includes things like facilities management; looking after all the contracts for the plant room maintenance, air & water hygiene, health & safety as well as many other things.

I’m getting more involved in the HR side of things too, which I’m really enjoying. I’m responsible for looking after all the benefits packages, preparing contracts for new starts & leavers, maintaining the annual leave system, and helping with Visa sponsorships.

I like that everyday can be different and that I’m kept on my toes. I love being busy as there’s nothing worse or more draining than sitting around with nothing to do.

If you could be any famous person for a day, who would it be and why?

Any of the female dancers from Strictly! I would love to be able to dance like that, even if it was just for one day!

Strictly Come Dancing professionals
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I love Strictly!! So, how did you end up at Storm?

An ex colleague of mine noticed the job advertisement on Linkedin and sent me the link saying ‘saw this and thought of you’. I’ve only been here since August but loving it so far.

Do you have any hidden talents we might not know about?

I’d love to say I have a hidden talent . . . but unfortunately not!

I started doing some personal training earlier in the year on the run up to getting married. I’m now hooked and do that with a friend a couple of times a week. I say my friend, although I think she hates me now for basically convincing her to pay lots of money to be tortured!

That’s really cool! I might need some tips from you, I hate the gym… What’s your favourite thing about Storm?

I love the values that Storm believes in. You don’t get that in many companies now. I think sometimes in bigger corporations you are sadly just a number.

The people are great too. Everyone works hard and helps each other out. The relaxing atmosphere is a refreshing change from the corporate environment I’m used to.

Storm ID values

I’m so glad you’re settling in well! Final question: if you could add one song to the office playlist, what would it be?

The Killers’ Mr Brightside. Just because it’s my favourite song and reminds me of good times!

It’s certainly got a good beat, and definitely a great one to go on the Friday playlist – it reminds me of weekends!

Are you our next Storm Trooper?

We’re always on the look out for talented individuals to join our team. If we’ve piqued your interest, you can send your CV to careers@stormid.com. Alternatively, head over to our careers site to check out our latest vacancies. We look forward to hearing from you!

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