How We Stay Healthy at Storm

6 April 2018

Staying healthy at work can be challenging. From sitting at a desk for hours each day to the tempting office treats on offer, it can be hard to take good care of ourselves. But, it can be made much easier when your employer lends a hand, promoting healthy initiatives and choices. To celebrate World Health Day, we wanted to share some of the ways we stay healthy at Storm.


There’s no better way to unwind from the stresses of the working day than with a bit of yoga. We’re lucky enough to have yoga sessions every Monday with Jade, the cost of which is subsidised by Storm.

The benefits of yoga go beyond relaxation; it also allows us to gently stretch our bodies and ease the aches of having a desk job. Not only does it heal our bodies, yoga helps us feel more focused and energised to face whatever the week holds.


Another way we treat those aches and pains is by enjoying a complimentary massage. We’re visited twice a month by massage therapist Stu, who helps us relax and take our minds off work for a little while.

Massages are especially good to counteract all the sitting the majority of us do on a daily basis and help to get rid of any tension we’re carrying in our shoulders, neck and back in particular. It’s little wonder the slots get snapped up quickly!


Stu has also started to offer monthly mindfulness sessions for those that want to join. While mindfulness can be a hit or miss with some, these sessions are primarily focused on posture – have you spotted a theme, yet?

It’s easy to adopt a slumped position throughout the day, which puts a strain on our spines. Mindfulness helps us tune into our breathing, which lowers heart rate and blood pressure, as well as increasing oxygen intake. This allows us to be more aware of when we’re slumping and adopt a healthier posture.

Table Tennis

What kind of agency would we be without table tennis? There’s a lot of ping pong fans in the building and we can enjoy a game whenever we need a break from our desks. Not only is it fun, it also gets us up and moving for a little while.

There’s no shortage of friendly competition either and we’re fond of hosting the odd table tennis tournament to keep spirits up and encourage those who may not normally play to join in.

Food & Drink

We’re also fortunate enough to have free fruit and drink up for grabs whenever we fancy. Fresh fruit is delivered to the office every week and the fridge is kept stocked with still and sparkling water, as well as zero calorie soft drinks.

We can also help ourselves to tea and coffee (we’ve got not one, but two machines at our disposal) with shortbread and stroopwafels – it’s healthy to treat yourself sometimes, too!


If there’s one thing Edinburgh is great for, it’s cycling from A to B. Storm encourage us to stay active with a Cycle to Work scheme, a partnership with Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op that helps us get a shiny new bike for less.

Not only is cycling an easy way to stay fit, it’s great for avoiding all the traffic in rush hour. We’ve even got a secure bike shed at Storm HQ to keep them safe.

Standing Desks

While most of the office sit down for the majority of the day, there are a few of us who use standing desks. These are great for avoiding all the usual niggles that come with poor posture and also boost productivity – win/win!

We’re also fortunate enough to have standing desks that can be lowered when we need to take a break, as it’s just as unhealthy to stand all day as it is to sit.


Sometimes the best way to stay healthy is the simplest. With Leith right on our doorstep, it’s hard to resist going for a stroll when the weather is nice – the Water of Leith is a firm favourite.

A lot of the office also enjoy walking to work in the morning, which is a great way of getting some steps in and taking in the sights while you’re at it!

These are just some of the fantastic, healthy perks we enjoy here at Storm. If they sound right up your street, why not send your CV to and join the team?




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