How to Get More Facebook Followers for Your Business

21 December 2016

Trying to get more Facebook followers may seem like you’re in a popularity contest, trying to grab some attention from anyone and everyone.

Introverts almost certainly face anxiety to have to go through that. Other people might think it’s a platform to every last detail on their way to waking up next to that guy from the bar the other night (a bit of an overshare, any way you look at it).

Getting more Facebook followers on Facebook for your business, though, is a whole different ball game. You aren’t trying to gain playground popularity; you’re trying to gain clients. You’re trying to make people talk about your business and ultimately buy your products. Your Facebook page is a great place to monitor and interact with your client base.

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Getting followers: Facebook likes

The first and most important part of gaining followers is making sure you have Facebook likes.

You’ll need to plan your strategy.

For example, imagine you’re about to go on a date with your crush and you rock up 40 minutes late and spend most of the night on your phone. This tells the guy you’re not taking him seriously and you think your presence alone is enough. You need to play your cards right to get him to like you, or at least pique his interest.

In the same way, your Facebook strategy needs to call attention by giving the audience what it wants. Likes lead to genuine interest if the interaction is consistent and relevant to the consumer. A content calendar is the best tool to employ for this task.

How to generate interest in your brand

Social media is a casual place where people go to socialise and chat. Don’t be the corporate newsletter that no one ever reads.

Add personality to your content and have short-term campaigns which cover different topics related to your products. Include real people in it, like other consumers who have already used the product. This will remove the monotonous “buy this” command.

Cover current affairs and topics that interest your followers, adding a little comedy, nostalgia, and something that makes the people want to share your posts.

(This article offers a great introduction to the psychology of sharing on social media – understanding which types of content are shareable for your specific buyer persona is key to success on social media)

Once you see your posts being shared, you know you’re starting to have an effect, and you’ll want to keep the momentum going by making sure you interact with your audience.

The meat of the content

To continuously get more Facebook followers and likes, your content needs to play on psychology.

According to a recent study, the content people enjoy most are social media posts, news articles and visuals (especially videos), so take the time to invest in producing some high-quality ones.

Source: State of Inbound 2016 report

Post videos which enable interaction, not only passive information that lectures the viewer on why they should buy your product. Pose a question in your video, let the viewer feel the need to answer it or comment, this will get the viewer to involve his or her friends, family and complete strangers on the same platform. Popular video streaming sites such as YouTube are the perfect place to upload such content due to the seamless Facebook integration.

Pictures also speak a thousand words, so don’t leave them behind.

Try using pictures that have a missing link, e.g. an unfinished meter-long hotdog with the question “what would you do with the rest?” Of course, you’ll come up with more creative content than this example. Don’t forget to be consistent and plan ahead. Posting videos with no sense of continuity will confuse your audience. They want something they relate to, have experience with, and can anticipate.

In conclusion

Never forget that Facebook likes and follows aren’t a reflection on sales, however, they make a good research vehicle to the number of people with their eye on you.

If you’re a small enterprise, you may find difficulty in generating the same following as big businesses, so aim for gradual growth.
(A great guide on how to use inbound marketing for start-ups and SMEs can be found here)

Engaging the consumer should be your ultimate goal, which can then be transformed into a sales opportunity. It is very difficult to reject an offer from ‘someone’ you know and have a good ‘relationship’ with.
Your followers can even act as your sales reps indirectly by telling their friends about the great interaction they shared with you and how much better your products are compared to that aloof guy selling the same thing.

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