4 April 2016

Storm Events: Discuss Content And Design With Us This Spring

Join us on 12 April for ‘Designing Digital Content’, the third evening in our Storm Events series. This time at Storm Events, we will be talking about how to use...

20 November 2015

Avoiding the Mega-Controller

(A demo app accompanying this post is available, with reusable parts easily extractable.) If you've ever written an iOS app, you'll know just how easy it is for your...

1 October 2015

Handling MKMapView Annotation Pins on the Same Coordinate with Swift

This is an updated version of a post I made in early 2013 that proved popular. This update reworks the solution from Objective-C to Swift 2.0. The code inline below is...

16 September 2015

How to Learn Technologies and Platforms using Development Playgrounds

As part of my induction to Storm ID as a Graduate Web Developer, I have had the chance to work on a small personal project to help me learn more about the technologies and...

8 September 2015

Innovation at Storm – Storm Labs

Innovation In March 2014 we carried out an employee survey. The overall aim of the survey was to collect anonymous feedback from the team that would help us to continue to...

27 August 2015

How working on an SDK brings developers together

Development kits are the glue for developers When I was being recruited by Storm, one of the first things we discussed was their SDK for developers to use on big projects...

19 March 2015

Break. It. Up! – Private Method Access Modifiers as Code Smells

There's a couple of anti-patterns that I've noticed in my own code. Private methods are a code smell Private methods are not inherently bad, but they are a sign that you...

21 March 2014

Storm ID Develops Council Toolkit for Local Authorities

Enabling digital public services for local government Storm ID has been busy over the past few months developing a new tool specifically for Local Authorities. With much of...

28 February 2014

This is Edinburgh

Marketing Edinburgh is the official destination marketing organisation dedicated to promoting Edinburgh as a place to visit, live, work, study and invest. The organisation,...

20 February 2014

Bluetooth Low Energy, and its application in iOS

What is it? Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a technology for allowing devices to communicate in a way that is highly optimized for conserving battery power. BLE devices...




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