4 May 2018

Why Analytics is Important for Business

Who needs analytics, anyway? Okay, I could list a million individuals and organisations that benefit from data analysis in some form or other. In my opinion, though, it's...

2 March 2018

How to Build an Empire with SEO Analytics

One of the key problems for anyone undertaking search engine optimisation is knowing where to focus your efforts. SEO is such a broad and all-encompassing discipline that...

6 January 2017

Overcoming Language Spam in Google Analytics

Giving two fingers to Vitaly - How to use Advanced Segments to remove language spam from your Google Analytics reports Urgh! Spamming Google Analytics reports as a marketing...

2 December 2013

Google Analytics: Tracking Visit Time

In a separate article I discussed how to compare time-related data to determine correlation. I thought it might be helpful to include a method for recording the server...

29 November 2013

The correlation of time-mapped data between TV impacts and website visits

Google Analytics is an excellent tracking tool for determining click-through paths and their resulting behaviour. But what if you wanted to determine the effect of something...

9 September 2013

Exploring the growth of (not provided)

It is almost two years since (not provided) began to pollute keyword reports in Google Analytics organic search reports. Since that time, the proportion of searches that...

29 August 2013

Drilling down into (not provided) organic search traffic

Want to know a bit more about organic search traffic coming through to your site with the dreaded “(not provided)” flag instead of keyword data?.. This blog post by...

17 August 2013

Why have a Google account?

A Google account enables access to Google services, including Google Analytics, Google Plus, and Gmail. Creating a Google Account There are two steps required in order to...

23 January 2013

7 Common Google Analytics Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Google Analytics is an excellent and powerful tool to help you understand how people interact with your website. Understanding how your website users behave and how they try...

27 April 2012

The Internet is Really Really Great…

EU Cookie Directive - Why it might not be so bad Oh great, another article about tracking and cookies. Well, yes, and I have frankly heard the arguments enough over the last...




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