Kathrin Opielka

6 December 2016

Digital Marketing Trends in 2017: What Will Change?

What will be the digital marketing trends in 2017? 2016 is coming to an end and it's that time of the year when we start thinking about resolutions for the coming 12...

30 November 2016

The 4 Purposes of Content: Creating a Marketing Strategy that Really Works

Great content should be at the core of your marketing strategy More and more businesses have discovered the value of content marketing. If done well, it is a great way of...

9 November 2016

Making the Invisible Visible – Discovering Storm’s Values

What really makes a company unique? Is it their facilities, their logo, their value proposition? Their “Unique” Selling Point? When you think about it, all of this...

12 October 2016

How to Build a Measurement Plan to Get Better Quality Marketing Data

Stop Guessing: A Marketing Measurement Plan That Works I am currently training for a marathon. Traditionally, I would just go for a run roughly every second day...

28 September 2016

The Psychology of Sharing: 5 Lessons for Marketers

I check my phone while having breakfast. No new WhatsApp messages, but three Facebook notifications. I open the app and see that my best friend has shared a post on my...

15 September 2016

Research Reveals Gap Between What Marketing Does And What Customers Need

Customers don’t hate marketing – only when you’re doing it wrong. HubSpot published their annual State of Inbound Research Study on Monday – and it supports what...

12 September 2016

The Best (Free) Online Courses for Marketers

A wise man with wild hair once famously said: “I know that I know nothing”   (Unfortunately, this picture by Jacques-Louis David shows the last moments of...

8 September 2016

Digital Marketing: Keep it In-House or Hire an Agency?

In love with Marketing. Working in Marketing is like being in a love affair. Marketing is fun, sexy, and you can’t live without it. It makes you feel good about...

8 August 2016

Our Storm Troopers – Meet Sam

What makes the heart of any company? It isn’t the logos, fancy marketing slogans or case studies – it’s the people behind the scenes that really make a team...