Why You Should Apply Directly To Get Hired

21 February 2018

It’s a critical thing to consider when you’re interested in looking for a new job – should I apply directly or should I use a recruitment agent?

There are pros and cons for each, and a good recruitment agent can do a great job of getting you a great job, but there are also times when applying direct is better.

In this post, I’m going to explore when it can be better to go direct, and why we, as an employer, usually prefer you to do that.

We want to speak to you directly

First of all, you need to know that we want to speak to you directly. Speaking to a recruitment agent is not the same – you understand your skills and experience much better than the recruitment agent, and we understand the roles and tasks we need to fill better than the agent too.

A direct conversation is a much better way for us to find out whether you have the right skills, and for you to find out whether the role will be something you will enjoy.

You want to know what it’s like here

Similarly, you want to know the working culture at Storm, and we need to understand your own values and personality. If we can match those well, you’ll have a great time working at Storm, but if they don’t match, you might hate it – we don’t want that, and we’re sure you don’t either!

Having that conversation through an intermediary makes it very difficult for you or us to assess that effectively.

You know your skills and experience

Experience shows us that most recruiters consistently send us candidates with the wrong skills, or who are simply not a good fit to work at Storm. This doesn’t mean that the recruiters are deliberately sending us dead rubbers, more that they just don’t understand what it takes to work at Storm and what skills and attributes we are looking for.

We know what attributes we value

We value your work ethic and willingness to learn above your current skills and experience. It is easy for a recruiter to tell us you have these attributes, but experience tells us that we need to speak to you directly to ascertain this for sure.

Recruiters aren’t just working for you

Another thing to consider is that recruiters are not just working on your behalf. They usually have a large number of candidates they are putting forward for the same or similar roles both at Storm and elsewhere.

If you come direct to Storm, you cut out a lot of this competition, and as we get to hear from you directly, we get a much clearer image of the real you and why you might fit Storm.

We get to see your real CV

One thing that is often missed about recruitment agents by candidates is that the recruiters will edit your CV. Recruiters know what works on a CV for the average role, and adapt your CV to fit. The problem that creates is that there is no average role. A job at Storm is looking for the attributes we value, not the attributes valued by an average job.

If the recruiter leaves out something we find valuable, that might lower your chances of being selected for interview, even if putting it in would have lowered your chances for a job somewhere else. You probably want us to see your CV the way you intended it to be seen, nicely formatted and showing your care and attention to detail, not reformed into a CV of the average candidate.

You’re not tied in

If a recruiter sends us your CV for a job, and you are not successful in getting that role, you’ll be tied to using that recruiter every time you want to apply for a role here. We need to have agreements with the recruiters in order to get your details, which ties us in for a number of years and means we can’t approach you directly in the future.

So, if the recruiter sends us your details for a role for which you are not suitable, but a few months later your ideal role comes up – we can’t contact you directly about this role.

It leaves more money for your salary

When we recruit someone through a recruiter, it costs us commission to do so. This obviously comes out of our recruitment and resources budget, which leaves us less available for your salary. The agent might suggest they can get you a better salary than going direct, but really, this just reduces the amount we have available in the budget.

You can ask us questions

If you come direct to Storm, you can ask us questions immediately. You get answers directly, and there is no middle man to lay Chinese Whispers through. We like to talk straight and you’ll get a much better idea of what the role is really about and whether it is the role for you.

Don’t risk never seeing the role we don’t advertise!

Don’t think that we’re criticising recruiters here. Many of them do a very good job. However, the way recruiters work is typically not very well aligned with how we think about assessing candidates for employment at Storm. When we see your CV we want to see not only if you are a good fit for this specific role we are advertising, but if you might be a good fit for a slightly different role in the future.

Sometimes your application might be so good we want to make a role for you that we would never have advertised. If you go via a recruiter, you are taking the risk that that ideal role for you never materialises. Why not just send us your CV directly and see where it takes you?

Hopefully this has helped spell out why we like people to apply to us directly for roles. If you’d like to see what roles we have open currently, or to register for job alerts at Storm, visit our careers website.




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