14 February 2017

Context is the New King – How to Build Contextual Marketing to Better Qualify Leads


Why Context is the new king

While content undoubtedly fuels new engagements between brands and their audiences, many companies seem to forget the importance of a key ingredient in solid conversations: context.

Yes, content may be king, but context is surely kingmaker. You could be producing some of the best content in the world, but without targeting, focus, and reasoning behind it, it will help you very little. Many brands are simply regurgitating ideas that have already been released into the content ether or go about creating content simply for the sake of it. Bad move.

For others, the drive to get a better grip on who their ideal audience members are isn’t lacking, it’s simply a case of getting the right context that’ll spark that initial conversation. So if your content strategy lacks context, this post’s for you.

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Who are your anonymous people? Give them context!

According to Marketo, 98% of prospects on your website are anonymous. If your website receives 35,000 unique visitors per month, 33,614 of these visitors are anonymous. That’s a lot of John Does and you’ll never be able to guess who they are.

They could have typed in any number of keywords or questions into Google and ended up at your website. You don’t have their email addresses or names and you definitely have no idea what their job titles are or how you could speak to their pain points. Trying to convert them will be a complete shot in the dark.

Contextual marketing focuses on understanding exactly who your ideal customers (also known as buyer personas) are so you can create content, engagements, and interactions that help them through the sales funnel. But how do you do that when they’re anonymous? Easy — you listen.

Qualifying leads as they hit your website is your first port of call. Deploy your team of data wizards to gather metrics informing you of who your visitors are. Use heatmaps to see where they’re clicking, gather website data telling you which blogs they’re reading and which pages are converting more than others. Use smart forms where applicable to gather as much information without imposing on visitors.

There are many listening tools out there. Using them strategically will turn anonymous visitors into identifiable personas that you can then start engaging contextually.

Say goodbye to flying blind

Buyer personas represent your ideal customer. The more detail you have about the people you would love the do business with, the more effectively you’ll be able to tailor your message. Every campaign you run will (hopefully) send people to your website or other online property.

By customising your message for your various personas, you’ll be far more likely to attract exactly the type of people you’re looking for, giving names to a few of those John Does. And once you know you you’re talking to, you can really get the ball rolling down the path towards conversion.

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