20 July 2012

Struggling to Juggle Everything? There’s an app for That!


Feel like you’ve got 101 jobs to do but no time to do them? This was the dilemma that Storm ID and the creators of Juggle set out to resolve with a new mobile app that helps you complete absolutely any job – from fixing up your garden shed to learning to play the piano –with only a swipe of a finger.


A mobile must-have, Juggle presents list of opportunities based on location, completion deadline and  the maximum cost an individual is willing to pay for work to be carried out.

Other users (called Jugglers) can switch on their handset’s location services to easily find opportunities near them, aided, in no small part, by the sleek, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The brainchild of the creators behind LetsAllShare, Juggle leads a new wave of apps that look to give the power back to the people by making it easier to advertise and manage tasks for a price of their choosing.

Despite being launched at the end of March 2012, the app is already entering a second phase of development ahead of its rollout into Europe where it will be translated into German and other languages.

David Marrinan-Hayes – Co-founder of LetsAllShare – worked with the Storm ID project team to develop the app:

“We had a concept for a new utility app but did not have the technical and usability knowledge to turn it into a viable product.

“Working with Storm ID turned what could have been a complex problem into a great experience and we relied on them heavily to help define the user experience and provide us insight to what would work and what doesn’t.

“What we’ve ended up with is a great product which we hope to build on for years to come.”

Download Juggle now.





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