Exploring mobile-friendly ticketing solutions

Online ticketing is hard. Even in the days of (almost) desktop-only browsing there were many challenges. With the rise of mobile devices, touch and voice input it is more complicated. We all know that mobile web traffic is on the rise, accounting for 17.4% of all global web traffic so far in 2013, almost a […]

Flash support on mobile devices

Most people who build for the web agree that trying to use Flash on anything to be used by mobile devices is a bad idea. Most people, however, don’t keep up with the state of the web as closely as we do. In the last few weeks we’ve had a couple of clients ask us […]

Mobile First Device Detection (for .NET)

We have written about Responsive Design before, and for us it is become our default approach in all new design projects. We’re also starting to combine this with a Mobile First approach, designing for mobile devices first in order to focus the interface on only the information/tasks that a user really needs. However, sometimes a […]

An Apps An App For A’ That

Last year, Storm ID helped The Scottish Government realise their ambitions to make the complete works of Robert Burns available, free of charge, on the iPhone for the very first time. This year we went a couple of steps further  in the run up to Burn’s night and brought the works of Scotland’s National Bard […]

Storm is hiring in a BIG way

Storm ID are expanding some of their key service areas and are looking for new talent. If you are interested in any of these roles – don’t call your agent, say hello to us: hello@stormid.com   About Storm At Storm ID you will get early use of new technologies in the company of talented programmers […]

Trinity Mirror Go Hyperlocal, Social and Mobile

> Trinity Mirror has just announced the latest version of their hyperlocal focused website Local Mole (www.localmole.co.uk) which was designed and developed here at Storm ID. Local Mole contains a list of 1.8 million businesses throughout the UK and is promoted through Trinity Mirror’s stable of over 100 local websites and 140 regional newspapers. The […]

The Wisdom of SoLoMo

How social media, location services and mobile access are revolutionising bricks and mortar business. SoLoMo – not an ancient Middle Eastern king with untold wisdom and a penchant for threatening to cleave babies in two, but the acronym now increasingly bandied about as shorthand for social media, location and mobile. Yesterday, part of our Digital […]

Getting Crafty – Paper Prototyping the Mobile Web

We’ve been thinking a lot about the mobile web recently so were immediately inspired by this awesome article on Paper Prototyping with Paper iPhone. An excellent concept for accommodating not only longer web pages but also the act of scrolling them with your finger. With a number of recent contracts from clients focussing on delivering […]