What effect will the Glasgow 2014 Games have on the Referendum?

The Commonwealth Games 2014 kicked off this week with a flurry of dancing teacakes, Scottie dogs and of course a giant kilt – all famous Scottish attributes of course. Over 40,000 people were at the ceremony in Glasgow’s Celtic Park and over 7 million of us in the UK tuned in to watch the ceremony on […]

Let’s Get On!

Storm ID appointed to help Scotland get online Digital technology can bring enormous benefits to individuals and groups.  Many people who could potentially benefit greatly from digital technology (eg the elderly, those housebound, those with disabilities and special needs, those living in remote areas, those seeking employment) have neither the inclination nor the opportunity to […]

Contextual Research & Ethnography – or Field Research!

As User Experience experts we love our methods of engaging with users at the time of testing. We are also good at coordinating stakeholders and users on collaborative design workshops. However, I know that we often overlook the power of simple field research, opting for different methods of initial engagement. It is mostly the case […]

Revolutionising the newstrade distribution service

Storm ID develop online platform and app for i-Menzies i-Menzies, the UK sales and administration portal provided by wholesaler and delivery specialist Menzies Distribution, was in need of a platform update. The site helps retailers manage their newspaper and magazine accounts with Menzies Distribution, streamlining their administrative workload, helping to minimise losses and giving them back […]

Celebrating 25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland

The Challenge GENERATION is a landmark series of exhibitions tracing the development of contemporary art in Scotland over the last 25 years. It will bring an ambitious and extensive programme of works of art by over 100 artists to over 60 galleries, exhibition spaces and venues across Scotland until November 2014 as part of the […]

Focusing Value in Display Advertising

Using data to target micro audiences One of the challenges in any advertising medium is how to target audiences to get the best response. Targeting broadly, like a form of carpet bombing, increases the chances of hitting the right audiences, but also means that you hit even more audiences that just aren’t ever going to […]

Targeting Edinburgh Postcodes with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a powerful tool for small businesses with a local customer base allowing advertisers to target users in specific postcode districts. This means that not only can you limit your ads to users who live within a certain area, but you can also change the ad copy, the keywords you’re targeting and change […]

Making Content King Again

The King is Dead Web design as an industry has existed for about twenty years now, and websites have changed dramatically in that time. From simple, single page landing pages with some information marked up with HTML, tables and inline styles, to huge web based applications serving terabytes of information to millions of people worldwide […]

Exploring mobile-friendly ticketing solutions

Online ticketing is hard. Even in the days of (almost) desktop-only browsing there were many challenges. With the rise of mobile devices, touch and voice input it is more complicated. We all know that mobile web traffic is on the rise, accounting for 17.4% of all global web traffic so far in 2013, almost a […]