Making Content King Again

The King is Dead Web design as an industry has existed for about twenty years now, and websites have changed dramatically in that time. From simple, single page landing pages with some information marked up with HTML, tables and inline styles, to huge web based applications serving terabytes of information to millions of people worldwide […]

Exploring mobile-friendly ticketing solutions

Online ticketing is hard. Even in the days of (almost) desktop-only browsing there were many challenges. With the rise of mobile devices, touch and voice input it is more complicated. We all know that mobile web traffic is on the rise, accounting for 17.4% of all global web traffic so far in 2013, almost a […]

Storm ID help anCnoc Whisky unveil their dark side

The Challenge anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky were planning to launch a new Peaty collection that would sit alongside the existing core range. Storm ID were appointed to redesign and build the anCnoc website, whilst at the same time develop a digital presence for the new Peaty collection. This included designing and building new […]

Thank you Steve Jackson … mapping a digital marketing channel strategy

Just recently I have been reading Steve Jackson’s excellent Cult of Analytics: Driving Online Marketing Strategies using Web Analytics (2009). In this book, Steve usefully extended the original “REAN” model (see below) to web analytics as a way of defining a relevant and powerful set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for an organisation to track […]

Airdrie Savings Bank Invest in Digital Overhaul

The challenge Storm ID were appointed to design and develop a brand new website for Airdrie Savings Bank – the UKs only independent savings bank. The primary objective of the new website was to create an effective transactional website that not only supports the wider company business objectives but also helps to communicate the values […]

Reach new heights with Google AdBirds

Tired of your advertising campaign only metaphorically soaring above your competitors? Want to take a practical step to making sure you have the highest ad position possible? Well taking flight today is Google’s latest ad format – AdBirds! Rather than keeping your ads grounded in the search results why not launch your ads on the […]

Storm ID Develops Council Toolkit for Local Authorities

Enabling digital public services for local government Storm ID has been busy over the past few months developing a new tool specifically for Local Authorities. With much of the public sector now signed up and embarking on digital transformation programmes, we have been analysing what progress (if any) is being made by consolidating and leveraging […]

What’s in a Name? The problems in managing paid search keywords

As the ‘key’ element in any paid search campaign, it’s a shame just how much the concept of keywords is misunderstood. Unlike most other uses of the term ‘keyword’ – which often refers to them as elements of a search query string – in paid search, keywords are the tool used to match search queries, […]

E-book: The Reading Experience & The Devices

Imagine the freedom of reading books on which you can sketch, mark, create colourful sticky notes and add bookmarks. We tend to hesitate to leave such permanent paw marks on even the physical books that we own. Here are rather basic needs that go unfulfilled on most devices on which we can read e-books. Discover how the experience of reading E-books is different to the feel of real books.