The Sex-Life of the Hummingbird

Discover what the Hummingbird algorithm really means for SEO? Is SEO dead? (spoiler: NO!) What on Earth is the hummingbird sex position? Find out these and more!

7 Common Google Analytics Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Google Analytics is an excellent and powerful tool to help you understand how people interact with your website. Understanding how your website users behave and how they try to look to get value from your website is key to evolving your website to improve their experience on your site, and by extension the value you [...]

Why Virtual Bagel Proved There’s Still Dough in Facebook

When Rory Cellan-Jones, technology correspondent for the BBC set out to test Facebook advertisements (, he reached a conclusion the Facebook ads were most commonly clicked by users with fake profiles belonging to spammers, and therefore that the advertisements were simply wasting advertisers money. However, not only was the scientific process flawed, Rory’s conclusions were also, and this has led to a significant misrepresentation of Facebook advertising.