Want To Fill One of Our Job Vacancies at Storm? Build an app and submit your CV

We are on the lookout for some programming talent.

We have a handful of job vacancies in our lovely technical team: http://stormid.com/for/thewin

If you fancy one of the web dev roles why not show off by having a shot at our technical test:

Task – CV submission app

To create a standalone app which allows users to submit a job application to Storm.

Users should be able to submit:

  • Personal details / contact details
  • Cover details for the submission (why they want the job, why they are suitable)
  • CV

Any technology stack can be used to create this app. A few tests wouldn’t hurt!


Send us:

  • An overview / explanation of the approach
  • A link to the app
  • A link to the code


(or just send us your CV)

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