What makes Glasgow a great city?

13 June 2013

If you were asked to sum up why Glasgow is such a great city, what would you say?

The folk are super friendly? It successfully fuses sport, culture and shopping? It’s the birthplace of many a cultural icon, from Charles Rennie Mackintosh to Rab C Nesbitt?

What makes Glasgow Great is the question currently being asked by Glasgow City Marketing Bureau in a bid to create a new slogan that captures the spirit of Scotland’s biggest city. With the 2014 Commonwealth Games fast approaching, Glasgow councillors were keen to evolve the city’s current slogan – ‘Glasgow: Scotland with Style’ – into something that better represents the latest chapter in the city’s story.

With Glasgow also bidding to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, the arrival of the Hydro Arena and the urban renewal of the Clyde waterfront the time is right to revisit and revitalise the city’s brand.As part of this process, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau extended the question of ‘What makes Glasgow a great city?’ to those who know best – the people of Scotland.

In order to collect and share the opinions of the target audience, Storm ID created a website, administration tool and data collection service, available at – http://www.whatmakesglasgowgreat.co.uk – where people could share their thoughts, videos and photos as well as explore the ideas of fellow visitors. The content was presented via a dynamic ’tile wall’ which updated in real time as opinions were added and extended back through historical content via infinite scrolling.

Glasgow City Marketing Bureau extended the question out via digital channels including Twitter and Facebook as well as more traditional media such as print and radio.

In order to reduce administrative overhead and keep the site feeling as up to date as possible the system automatically flowed content shared through Facebook through to the wall in real-time.

Developed as fully responsive in order to offer a superb user experience whether the user was interacting on their phone, tablet or desktop, thousands of people visited over the course of the consultation.

When the campaign drew to a close on 22 May, the site had collected opinions from over 800 participants who were more than happy to share their appreciation of Glasgow’s people, architecture, culture and location.

Suggestions from participants are still available to view at http://www.whatmakesglasgowgreat.co.uk/

The ideas will now help to inform Glasgow City Marketing Bureau’s rebrand project with a slogan set to be finalised in the coming months.

In the meantime, here are some of the suggested slogans that caught our eye in the Storm ID office:

“Like Edinburgh. Only better.”

“Glasgow. It’s got everything apart from a beach”

“If you need something great, Glasgow’s your date”

“We’re all pals in Glasgow”

“Glasgow – ya beauty!”




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