What a Google Ads Consultant Can Do

23 October 2018

A Google Ads consultant can change your life!

…said no one ever.

After all, how hard could PPC be? It’s just putting a few words in an ad and making some bids, right? Even an automated service could do it… If only!

Making the most of PPC is harder than it looks, but a good Google Ads consultant can help you nail your strategy and maximise ROI. I’ve been working in digital for over 10 years and managing PPC accounts for half that time, so know a thing or two about what makes a great consultant.

To ensure you choose the best Google Ads consultant for your needs, here’s what you should expect from them.

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Advice on your Google Ad account

This should go without saying, but an experienced consultant should give you advice on how to improve your account for best performance. When we start working with a new client at Storm, we usually carry out an audit to assess current performance and highlight opportunities for improvement. This normally results in restructuring the accounts we take on, so your consultant should be able to advise you on that, as well as let you know what’s working and what’s not within the account.

Offer skills beyond PPC

Despite ad copy and bids being the bread and butter of PPC, I’m sure lots of consultants like us spend more time fiddling with JavaScript for a specific script we need for a client or fighting with Google Tag Manager to get the conversions tracking. This tends to happen when the account has passed through several hands throughout the years and no one seems to know whether the tracking is correctly implemented or not. A good consultant should be able to fight fires beyond PPC.

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Help you write compelling creative

And when I say help here I really mean help, as no one knows your business like yourself. As important as it is to entice clicks on an ad, it’s equally as important to understand the product or service you’re offering. That’s why it’s vital to work together to be able to use the limited characters we’ve got to play with in the most enticing way possible.

Analytical skills

The amount of data available can be overwhelming, so it’s a must to know how to slice and dice the raw data to analyse and get insights from it. Your consultant should be able to provide you with insights about performance and opportunities to keep moving forward. Of course, your consultant will need data to suggest actions based on it, so give it time to accumulate and don’t expect insights every day!

Lots of experience

No matter what your issue may be, your consultant has most likely seen it all before. You might not know how to fix a problem, but for someone who manages PPC accounts daily, what might look like a big problem to you will probably be an easy fix for them.

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Early access to beta products & features

If your consultant has enough accounts and spend, they’ll probably have a contact at Google. This is invaluable because it gives you premium access to beta releases that not all advertisers have access to. This is particularly useful in highly competitive markets, as you might start using a new feature your competitors are still not using, making your ads stand out more in that competitive environment.

Grasp on the marketing strategy

While comprehensive PPC knowledge should be expected of your consultant, an understanding of how different channels interact with each other and what impact that has on the customer journey is helpful, too. A strategy that is integrated with other aspects of marketing, like SEO and social media, will undoubtedly provide greater results. 

All this comes with time, so my advice would be to choose an experienced consultant and find a way to work together in order to benefit from each other’s knowledge. Working with a consultant should give you a healthy account and the possibility to learn from a professional.

The consultant you decide to work with should also gain knowledge from you about your company to benefit the account. The better the consultant understands the account, the better job they’ll be able to do. It’s all about finding that middle ground where enough information is shared between both parties, so everyone benefits from the relationship. Get in touch with our PPC experts to clean up your Google Ads account today! 




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