The Scottish Government Launch Prototype of new Digital Platform

24 January 2014

Following Storm IDs user experience work on the development of the DirectScot prototype, a Scottish citizens portal and the development of a Business Portal for Scotland, the Scottish Government this week launched a new pilot website platform to test a new way of presenting Scottish Government information.

The site has gone live with a single topic area from the current web site: Law, Order & Public Safety and contains information on policy, news, publications and the people responsible for this area of work.

The site aims to explain how the Scottish Government works, what they are doing and how they are performing in a simple and intuitive way.

The prototype has been developed in collaboration with the Scottish Government by Storm ID using the UK Government Digital Service code base developed originally for Inside Government.

The diagram below shows the main parts of the prototype application. While each has a number of third-party dependencies they have been omitted here for clarity.


In order to make the site suitable for deployment within the prototype a number of code changes were necessary including developing new content types, reconfiguration of search functionality and application of design templates.

The prototype is due to run during January and February 2014 during which time the Scottish Government will be gathering feedback from users, stakeholders and content publishers. You can leave feedback here

We are delighted to have worked on such a high profile project which is supporting the effort to use digital channels to deliver Scottish Government information and services.




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