The Four Ultimate Ingredients for Creating Compelling Calls to Action

2 March 2017

Time is precious. Especially in this fast, crazy, noisy, high-speed, interconnected time we live in. But time’s always been a precious resource. And if your calls to action resemble an insecure whimper in an otherwise fantastic marketing campaign, you’re wasting a small but crucial window of time to convert leads before they slip away.

That’s why we’re dedicating this blog to those attention grabbing, action compelling, mesmerising few lines that magically turn cold-faced website visitors into warm and fuzzy customers.

The thing about CTAs is that the best among them strike that perfect balance between timing and tact.

The best CTAs don’t stand out on a landing page like a sore thumb or a clown at a black tie affair. Instead, they’re more like natural pivots in a pleasant conversation you’re having with an old pal over coffee.

So, in a cluttered online marketing world with a fickle general audience, how do we create CTA’s that stand out, are noticed, and strike that delicate balance between tact and timing? Let’s take a look.

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As they say in real estate, “Location, location, location!” The same goes for your CTAs.

Where they’re placed on your website or email is paramount to its success. CTAs need to be in the right place when the user needs it. And when do they need it? When they’re ready to take that next step on their journey to buying your product, signing up, contacting you, or downloading your eBook.

The folks over at KISSMetrics, for example, found that placing their CTAs within their videos increased conversion rates by 380%.

Placement and timing is key to making your CTAs work for you. Make sure they’re positioned in a way that’s relevant to your buyer’s journey and that you’re asking them for the right information in exchange for something of equal value.


CTAs need to be contextual.

For example, a CTA commanding “subscribe here” won’t go half as far as one that says, “Join the web’s fastest growing viking longship restorers today!” Why? Because the user knows what they are getting by taking the next action, and who doesn’t want to be a part of such an esteemed group of mad men and women?

You see, context is everything.

Your CTAs should get them excited about taking the next step in their journey and giddy about value they’ll be getting out of it.


Being creative is key to making your CTA stand out.

Namely, the combination of design, copy, and strategy is where the rubber meets the road. It’s always first prize to get everyone in the same room, but these three elements should blend to create a CTA that delivers the context your audience needs.

Use contrasting colours and animated imagery to make sure it stands out, complements your website and adds value to your users.

Make the user journey the central focus point.

Ask yourself, “Is it too pushy?” “Are the design elements in line with the copy?” Dissect it from all angles and adjust where needed.

Never stop testing

Testing dovetails nicely from our previous point. Use the technology at your disposal and continuously test and optimise your efforts to make sure you get the best results.

Use A/B testing to fine tune any small details in your CTAs. You may have different opinions about what works better, so put those differing opinions to the test, analyse the results, and get your best work out there!

CTAs don’t have to be a tightrope suspended over a minefield

Making your CTAs work for you means understanding how your leads traverse your marketing collateral. Placing yourself in their shoes is the key guiding factor to getting CTAs right. Test your ideas against your buyer personas’ expectations and keep the above mentioned insights on your radar and you’ll be sure to hit the right notes with lead-converting CTAs.

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