Social Media

16 March 2017

Wasting Time On Social Media – Why You Need to Put Time Into The Internet’s Most Notorious Time Thief

2016 was the year of debates. There was Donald vs. Hillary, Leave vs. Remain, Kanye vs. pretty much everyone, gluten-free vs. things actually tasting good, Harambe vs. child,...

12 January 2017

The True Benefits of Social Media for Businesses

It is amazing how to this day there are still those who are blind to the power of social media, especially in business. It is evident by the way some company leaders refuse...

1 November 2016

Why You Should Love Your Competitors

The wise learn many things from their enemies. Aristophanes ‘Enemies’ may be a slightly too strong a term, but you get the point. No matter what your sector,...

6 October 2016

Repurposing and Reformatting: Intelligent & Efficient Content Marketing

Whilst it would be fantastic if every business had all the time in the world to regularly produce new content for each of their platforms, in reality there simply isn’t...

6 September 2016

How to Build a Successful Omni Channel Marketing Campaign

Omni channel marketing  – so many channels, so little time When people think of Starbucks, they usually think of coffee. But supplying patrons with an array of...

23 August 2016

Engaging Content Ideas – Here’s How

So we’ve all accepted that content is king. But the next question is how do you create content that encourages current and potential customers to engage with...

29 July 2016

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Plan to Improve Your Online Performance

It seems that marketing has always been known as primarily a creative endeavour but this is no longer the case. CMOs and senior marketers are under more and more pressure...

7 July 2016

Don’t Be a Basket Case (or: How to Reduce Basket Abandonment in e-Commerce)

Do you have the time, to listen to me whine, about... Basket abandonment. Basket abandonment has got to be the biggest bugbear of every e-Commerce digital marketing...

13 June 2016

How to be Successful in Content Marketing: The Art of Finding and Delighting the Right Audience

Content marketing is a great way to generate leads, win new customers, and establish a thought leadership within your field of expertise. The problem is: all your efforts...

23 April 2014

New York Police Department demonstrates the real power of the hashtag

The New York Police Department recently started a campaign to raise their profile on Twitter, with the aim of boosting their image. The plan was to ask people to tweet...