4 May 2017

5 Important Content Marketing Metrics You Might Not Be Tracking

Measuring success is an integral part of your content marketing strategy. You’re hopefully already tracking a whole heap of metrics like leads, call-to-action...

18 April 2017

How to Do Keyword Research That Helps You Choose Long-Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are those longer phrases that people use when search for information about a topic. They typically consist of three of four words or more, and often feel...

6 February 2017

How to Get Your First Job to Start Your Digital Marketing Career

Last night is a bit of a blur. You graduated yesterday and your parents were there,and you went for a nice meal and it was lovely.  But then you hit the town with your...

17 November 2016

SEO for Blogging: 5 Steps to Make Your Blog Rank Well on Google

Have you used all the facets of SEO for blogging? Indeed, for blogging, is it important to know all the steps of SEO? Consider the high school days, who could ever forget...

1 November 2016

Why You Should Love Your Competitors

The wise learn many things from their enemies. Aristophanes ‘Enemies’ may be a slightly too strong a term, but you get the point. No matter what your sector,...

18 October 2016

Content Amplification Strategy: 5 Great Ways to Make Sure Your Content Is Read

After spending eons writing your brilliant blog, it is easy to think it’s the marketing miracle your business has been waiting for. But is it? The only way to make...

26 September 2016

7 Intelligent Ways to Use Content To Grow Your Business

Content. It’s a broad term. Whatever medium you use to reach out to your market, content is increasingly the key to success. What use is a video if nobody watches...

15 September 2016

Research Reveals Gap Between What Marketing Does And What Customers Need

Customers don’t hate marketing – only when you’re doing it wrong. HubSpot published their annual State of Inbound Research Study on Monday – and it supports what...

6 September 2016

How to Build a Successful Omni Channel Marketing Campaign

Omni channel marketing  – so many channels, so little time When people think of Starbucks, they usually think of coffee. But supplying patrons with an array of...

16 August 2016

Most Successful Online Lead Generation Techniques

Generating leads online is not easy. What online lead generation techniques might prove more successful than what you are already doing? Mary enters a 5km fun run. With...