23 January 2017

Unifying the SERP Experience for Mobile and Desktop

For the past few years, the device you have accessed Google with has determined the style of the search engine results page (SERP) you get back. On desktop you’ll see the...

19 May 2016

Mobile Network Accessibility – A Privilege For Smart Phone Users Only?

When it comes to accessibility in the context of digital, here at Storm ID we usually think about people with disabilities and what we can do to make our products and...

26 February 2016

Welcome To A Better Mobile Experience

Not content with deleting the sidebar ads from SERPs earlier this week, Google continues its fight for a better and faster mobile experience and launches Accelerated Mobile...

12 April 2014

Exploring mobile-friendly ticketing solutions

Online ticketing is hard. Even in the days of (almost) desktop-only browsing there were many challenges. With the rise of mobile devices, touch and voice input it is more...

3 September 2013

Thoughts on the new Google Nexus 7

The Storm Support Team share their views on the latest apps to download on the new Google Nexus 7. It’s sleeker, smarter, lighter, and faster than its predecessor and we...

6 December 2012

Flash support on mobile devices

Most people who build for the web agree that trying to use Flash on anything to be used by mobile devices is a bad idea. Most people, however, don't keep up with the state of...

24 September 2012

Mobile First Device Detection (for .NET)

We have written about Responsive Design before, and for us it is become our default approach in all new design projects. We're also starting to combine this with a Mobile...

3 April 2012

An Apps An App For A’ That

Last year, Storm ID helped The Scottish Government realise their ambitions to make the complete works of Robert Burns available, free of charge, on the iPhone for the very...

9 January 2012

Storm develops DirectScot – a prototype for a Scottish public services portal

DirectScot, a prototype for a Scottish public services portal, was launched today by the Scottish Government. The site, which was developed by Storm ID, is designed to...

28 November 2011

Hyperlocal Development with Trinity Mirror

Trinity Mirror has just announced the latest version of their hyperlocal focused website Local Mole (www.localmole.co.uk) which was designed and developed here at Storm...