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Storm ID transforms Stirling Council’s digital front door

Storm ID, working with Stirling Council, has designed, and developed an upgraded website, heralding a major milestone in the Council’s ongoing digital journey.

The launch of the upgraded website means that users will benefit from an intuitive structure, powerful search, and accessible presentation, helping users to accomplish their goals.

The website, which was delivered through iterative Discovery, Alpha and Beta phases was designed and developed in close collaboration with users of Stirling Council services.

Using established user-centred design methods, content was created based on top user tasks and co-written with Council service areas. Popular topics such as bin collections and school meals were tested with members of the community at multiple stages, with user feedback playing an important role in refining the content.

A public Beta version of the new website ran alongside the earlier version of the website, to understand how the new website performed.

The new website has also been geared to contribute towards Stirling Council’s vision, to become a more responsive local authority that works well in conjunction with employees, partners, and communities to deliver on key priorities and to achieve better outcomes.

Storm ID’s involvement followed its appointment as digital delivery partner to Stirling Council, to deliver both an upgraded website and intranet for the local authority. The delivery of the website conformed to the principles set out in the Digital Scotland Service Standard, to ensure the service meets the standards required of a digital public service.

Craig Turpie, Director at Storm ID said:

We were delighted to partner with Stirling Council to deliver their new website. Stirling’s citizens were at the heart of this project, with research conducted at multiple points to ensure members of the community were part of the design process. Inclusiveness was also a key consideration. The new website was built to align with accessibility best practice, ensuring that all citizens can access important Council services.

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