Jonathan Joyce – 1971 – 2013

17 June 2013

It is with great sadness that we write to advise that Jonathan Joyce, co-founder and Technical Director of Storm ID, died on Saturday, 15 June, after getting in to difficulties whilst swimming off the South Devon coast.

JJ, as he was known to us all, was a keen and able outdoor swimmer. Media reports suggest that after getting in to difficulties, he was brought ashore by a member of the public and then airlifted to hospital in a serious condition where he was later pronounced dead.


His passing has come as a huge shock to all of us at Storm ID and he will be sorely missed. We have lost not only a wonderful and passionate colleague but a dear friend whose life has been tragically cut short. The only comfort that we can take at this sad time is that our lives have been greatly enriched by having had the privilege of knowing him and for having done some incredible work with an extremely gifted and remarkable individual.

Jonathan’s family and friends are at the centre of our thoughts at this difficult time and we ask for your forbearance as we come to terms with this loss.

Thank you

Simon Wall, Paul McGinness and Craig Turpie


Messages of condolence can be sent to:

Jane Campbell
Storm ID
The Corn Exchange
35 Constitution Street


Twitter @stormid




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  • Scott Galloway

    Devastated by this…all my thoughts are with his family and you his extended family. Just can’t believe it.

  • Rory Aitken

    I didn’t know JJ so well, but was looking forwards to becoming friends. He swam with me at the Burgh Island race in August 2012, and as we exited the water miles ahead of anyone else he suggested “Let’s do it again?” so we went for a second lap and caught up some of the slower swimmers still on their first lap. Happy memories. Later, in September 2012, we swam the Dart 10k from Totnes to Dittisham (which JJ won), and before the start he told me some jokes and really calmed my nerves. He was the best open water swimmer I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting & swimming with. His account of the channel crossing with Queenie Martin in July 2012 was truly epic, and in my eyes he was a true hero. Such a great fellow, an amazing swimmer, loved by everyone who met him. Tears are not enough. Life is so cruel – hanging on a heartbeat. All we can be sure of is this moment. Total shock, total sadness, love and thoughts to his friends and family. Rory Aitken

  • The Lane

    What terrible news – a real tragedy for someone who was clearly an inspirational person. Our sympathies to all at Storm Id and Jonathan’s family.

  • Dave Malins

    I really can’t believe this. Very sad news indeed. JJ was was an inspiration, a great friend and collegue, and will be sorely missed.

  • Paths for All

    We were so sorry to get this news. We were very much looking forward to working with Jonathon and had a great deal of respect for his enthusiasm and ideas. Our thoughts are with you all and his family.
    From all at Paths for All

  • Alan Chander

    So Sad, I have not had the privilege to meet JJ but I have spoken to him many times and he was very helpful and professional at all times. Condolences to his family for such a great loss.

  • David Sterratt

    I’ve very fond memories of JJ from the University of Edinburgh Cogsci MSc 1995. He was an incredibly creative thinker and full of energy, enthusiasm and wit. It was always fun to chat with him.

    On the few occasions I bumped into him after, the same enthusiasm shone through, whether it was about doing up the farmhouse in Ireland or taking on a high-profile web contract early in his career as a web developer. JJ seemed to have the genius to make improbable-sounding things work. It seems strange that such a bright light has been extinguished.

    My thoughts go out to Stephanie, Janus & Finn, the rest of JJ’s family, colleagues and friends.

  • John Warren

    Stunned by this. Had not seen Jonathan for ages until bumping into him in Co-op Ashburton about 6 weeks ago. Asked him about his cross channel swim last year (he bought several items of clothing in our shop to help keep in warm) – he took great delight in telling us how he was hallucinating giant buildings in the middle of the sea, but actually did see a large floating mass of seaweed, with a wooden door on top, with a dead cow on top of that, which my kids thought was hilarious! He certainly loved what he did, both work and play.
    Not living in Ashburton and only coming down to the shop twice a week, I was completely oblivious to this sad news until this weekend.
    Our thoughts our with his family, friends and colleagues – a big loss.
    John and all at Trailventure

  • John Fraser

    I’m an old school mate of JJ’s from Halliford School and am deeply
    shocked to find out about his death today. What a truly magnificent
    guy he was. He had an amazing “joie de vivre” which I’ve never met in
    anybody else, there was genuinely never a dull moment whilst in his
    company. At school he was so incredibly bright, not just in terms of
    depth of understanding but also in breadth – he had the sharpest
    analytical brain – instead of just learning something he would take it
    apart, flip it upside down and inside out put it back together again.
    He was always full of energy and busy with something interesting and
    insightful. I have some treasured memories of painting JJ’s old blue
    mini with him in multicoloured elipses and fitting an electric aerial
    for him that went up and down when he flipped the heater switch on and
    off – this gave him immense pleasure! I also remember him
    strategically placing his school briefcase on its roof and driving
    carefully up the road with him revelling in the other drivers flashing
    their headlights and beeping their horns as they desperately tried to
    flag us down whilst we drove on obliviously! I remember him cycling
    back on his own from Bristol and visiting him in Shannon where he had
    wired his own house (not neat but everything worked) and had a borehole sunk in the garden for water! The world has lost a truly awesome
    guy – I wish his family and friends the love and strength to carry on
    without him, however difficult it will be without his incredible high
    spirits and helpful advice propping everyone up along the way. RIP JJ
    you will never be forgotten. John Fraser

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