How PPC and Inbound Marketing Work Together

24 August 2017

Why PPC Is The 51st Shade Of Grey

Close the curtains. Bolt the door. Dim the lights, and bring your seat in a little closer.

Today I want to talk to you about something naughty…

But, hang on – before we go any further, I need to make sure you can handle this. You’re open-minded, aren’t you? One person’s taboo can be another’s true happiness; while conventional attitudes are fine and admirable, sometimes the more titillating aspects of life demand our attention and provide us with the most delight… right? Thought so.

So listen carefully, while I whisper to you about the illicit thrills of… Pay Per Click Advertising.

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A PPC Romantic Thriller

Anna is trapped in a dead-end relationship. What seemed, at first, like such a perfect match—he was a savvy advertising strategist, who promised her the world—quickly turned sour, leaving Anna feeling unfulfilled and weary beyond her years.

Before she knew it, the initial magic of the relationship had worn off. She now finds herself trapped doing laborious, unproductive things at his behest – like trying to use banner adverts, with their low click-through rates, compromised visibility and low potential for engagement, to reach new clients at the bottom of the funnel, and trying to rely on video adverts to promote her blog.

But Anna, though youthful, is no fool. Never mind his haughty attitude, she knows these aren’t the best methods of increasing the reach of her blog posts

And, one day, while her husband and his judgemental friends are distracted, she decides to explore the possibility of paying for a little ‘rejuvenation’ on the side…

An Awakening

Anna does her research and makes contact with an expert.

They meet in a restaurant, at a table right in the back of the place – away from prying eyes. She’s breathless as the expert shows her what her money can buy: this is the first time she’s felt alive in months.

The expert tells Anna about the tantalising flexibility of Pay Per Click advertising; how she can use extensive metrics to tailor her spend to reach down deep to the bottom of the funnel and touch the audience exactly where she wants to.

The expert tells her about the impressive reach of social advertising: about what promotional campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can do for her content; about how, with just a small investment, she could soon become part of a network of liking and sharing.

Lowering her voice even more, the expert tells Anna about native ad services like OutBrain and Taboola, and how these practitioners of the dark arts can put her in touch with powerful content distributors like Sky and CNN. The expert tells Anna that native adverts work by not appearing like adverts at all, luring potential customers into her clutches on a daily basis.

At the end of the meeting, Anna decides that the temptation is too great; the potential payoffs are too exhilarating to pass by. She slips the expert a small amount of money and hurries home, unbearably excited to see the results.

She waits until her husband is fast asleep—lost in puristic dreams about traditional inbound marketing practices—before she creeps downstairs to her study.

She closes the curtains….she bolts the door.

And, as she logs into her Analytics account and sees the explosive effect her PPC campaign has had on the reach of her content, she begins—for the first time in ages—to give herself over to absolute pleasure.

Want Some Of This?

We know it’s considered taboo.

But we also know that paid media is an excellent strategy to drive traffic to inbound marketing campaigns, and there’s no arguing with how good some extra traffic can feel. PPC and inbound marketing actually do work together.

Chat to us about setting up a coordinated, effective paid media campaign. Let your business give in to its innermost desires.

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