Is That How They Do It? 10 Surprising Facts About Paid Traffic!

30 May 2017

You can breathe a sigh of relief

This isn’t another one of those clickbait articles pretending to hold the secret to weight loss that has seen Oprah and others shrink before our eyes. What we’re offering is far more appetising than the new Jenny Craig; and certainly more successful.

If your social advertising strategy has hit something of a plateau and you’re looking to jump-start your marketing metabolism, you need to hear about paid traffic.

As more aspects of daily life have migrated to online or mobile platforms—from shopping to arranging transport, to basic professional and personal communications—businesses have found ways to advertise across all the new channels coming at us.

Knowing how to tap into the information slipstream provides promising possibilities. And with the right know-how and expertise, savvy marketers can construct campaigns to capitalise on the increased interest that paid traffic creates in your business, turning the clicks into productive leads.

Here’s a look at ten ways paid traffic can improve your company’s online reach.

You’ll be seen by the right people

Generally considered the most successful form of Facebook advertising—though there are many other options, and a combination strategy on page is probably best—Newsfeed Ads are both highly visible and precise.

Facebook allows your to target specific demographics with your ads, so first and foremost you’ll be seen by your target audience.

In addition, you get a relatively large space for your advertisement – enough for a large image and a concise pitch.

You’ll reach more people

Independent studies show that well-crafted Instagram ads can gain between 10 and 20 times more reach than Facebook ads.

However, the benefit of having your advert appear as a natural, ‘native’ element of the platform also poses the challenge of getting the design and targeting of your sponsored photograph just right, hitting the sweet-spot between simply ‘looking good’, and inciting genuine interest in what your business has to offer.

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You’ll be found by the right people

A great way to rack up new followers, Twitter Promoted Accounts can track the interests of users and suggest your company as an appropriate connection within the user’s particular social network.

It’s a great way to connect with people who show a propensity towards your brand.

Businesses and professionals will be easier to access

Often overlooked because of their perceived lack of ‘mass’ social media appeal, LinkedIn Ads can be extremely successful for two key reasons.

As the platform is a specifically professional one, it has great potential for B2B advertising, while its adjustable parameters mean you can target your ads by job title, industry, skills and even current or former employers.

Your audience will find you more easily

Given Google’s overwhelming market dominance, it’s important to find a way to reach casual users of the world’s favourite search engine.

Proceed with caution, however: to cut through the noise you need a campaign that combines pinpoint keyword accuracy with inventiveness.

The Snickers, “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign illustrates how the candy bar makers capitalised on common misspellings for a clever, long running promotional campaign.

You’ll land in their inbox

Google’s search engine goes hand-in-hand with its emergence as the de facto email provider for most individuals and businesses.

Gmail Ads can be precisely targeted and come in a range of options, including promotional emails delivered to the user’s inbox and unobtrusive ads that expand when clicked.

They’re already waiting for you

Not everyone uses Google, however, and—of its competitors—Bing stakes a real claim for advertising potential, claiming that their users spend an average of 25% more time online than the users of other search engines, including Google.

You can get creative with advertising space

Native advertising pioneers OutBrain are a ‘content discovery platform’ that offers your business a chance to integrate its promotional material ‘seamlessly’ into the user’s online content experience.

What does this mean? Your ads appear on busy, reputable sites like Sky, CNN and Forbes as ‘discoverable’ click-through articles offering content that ‘follows-on’ from the article the user has just read.

You’ll reach more specific audiences

Think Outbrain, just a bit bigger.

When comparing OutBrain to Taboola, take note of their affiliated networks: each broadcast to slightly different audiences.

If your marketing campaign is going to make the most out of social advertising, these subtle differences in audience and distribution need to be thoroughly researched and exploited.

You can jump on the latest social trends

With more and more forms of content migrating to the world’s premier video-streaming site, it’s essential to fight for visibility.

Again, be aware that competition is extremely tough; inventive, far-sighted campaigns are always going to stand out from the crowd.

In the example below, cat food manufacturer Friskies has leveraged Buzzfeed’s propensity for posting cute cat videos by securing a promotional tie-in for their YouTube ad.

Have we whetted your appetite?

There are numerous potential avenues for effective social advertising, creating possibilities for new online connections and new business leads.

Chat to us about our integrated, productive social advertising solutions to explode the reach of your inbound marketing campaign.

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