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28 February 2022

Five projects to make your organisation greener

We have previously noted that over half of UK organisations are en route to miss net zero targets, which begs the question; what can we do about it? In this article we will...

14 February 2022

A day in the life of a content designer

Interested in being a content designer? Hannah Collins gives us the lowdown on a typical day at Storm. Hello, I’m Hannah and I work within the fast-growing user-centred...

12 February 2022

Introduction to content design

What is a content designer and what do they do? Hannah Collins gives us the lowdown on her role at Storm. I have a hard time explaining my job to people. Last week I...

28 January 2022

The environmental impact of digital

Oftentimes we perceive digital solutions as green since the environmental cost is shifted out of our immediate environment - out of sight, out of mind. In fact, 4% of global...

10 January 2022

Storm ID appointed to support the Scottish Government’s digital transformation of the Scottish planning system

Leading digital transformation consultancy Storm ID has been awarded a service provider contract to support the development of a working prototype for payments in the...

17 December 2021

Over half of UK organisations en route to miss net zero target

Last week, Microsoft UK shared their takeaways from COP26 and a number of environmental sustainability reports with their partners, including Storm ID. The general consensus...

19 November 2021

From pledge to action – where do we go from COP26?

With COP26 done and dusted we can certainly say that the success of the conference is in the eye of the beholder. COP26 has been both praised for steps taken in the right...

15 October 2021

To meet planetary targets, governments will need to better leverage data and AI

With just a few weeks to go until Glasgow opens its doors to world leaders at COP26 - the 26th UN climate change conference - hopes are high for impactful commitments to be...

30 July 2021

Performance Testing Lowdown

Craig Kilshaw is a Test Engineer at Storm ID. Below, he takes us through what performance testing is, exploring specific performance testing approaches that we use for...

16 June 2021

Storm ID awarded ‘Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award by UK Government for innovative COPD service

Scottish digital transformation consultancy Storm ID has been successful in the latest round of the ‘Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award’, for a service...




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