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22 July 2022

Sustainable software development is now a key competency in digital

With a raging heatwave and unprecedented temperatures in Europe, all of us need to make sure we increase our understanding and sphere of influence when it comes to addressing...

11 July 2022

Content accessibility part 3: plain English and the law

How liable is your organisation if your content is not written in plain English? In part 3 of our content accessibility series, we’ve outlined the accessibility regulations...

23 June 2022

Driving systemic change through innovation

Where does the sustainability conscious business innovator turn to in order to understand and drive systemic change? As discussed in previous articles, a good first step is...

21 June 2022

Storm ID appoint Linsey Lydon and Mike Cashin to the Board

Storm ID, Scotland's leading digital transformation consultancy, is pleased to announce the appointment of Linsey Lydon and Mike Cashin to the Board of Directors. [caption...

1 June 2022

Service design for government

Today (1st June) is Service Design Day. From the Service Design Network, “Service Design Day was launched in 2016 and is a day dedicated to service design enthusiasts...

27 May 2022

Content accessibility part 2: writing in plain English

Welcome to part 2 of our series on content accessibility. In part 1, we talked about: what plain English is why it’s important for government services In this...

24 May 2022

Sustainable innovation – a starter for ten

In a previous article, we discussed the essential addition of a sustainability lens to the innovation frameworks that are widely used to design the products, services and...

18 May 2022

Accessibility vs usability: what’s the difference?

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022, Senior User Researcher and accessibility specialist Marie Moyles looks at the difference between the accessibility and usability...

Content accessibility part 1: speak plainly

Lead Content Designer, Hannah Collins, unpacks what plain English is and why it is important for government services. Part 1 of our series on content...

29 April 2022

Sustainability is a must for the future of innovation

If you look at any organisation's strategy today, nine times out of ten you will find objectives or values around innovation. The ever growing captivation with innovation...




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