Our Storm Troopers: Meet Rashmi

31 August 2017

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Michael Jordan

I have to agree with the basketball player on this one – teams determine the success of a venture, and Storm’s collaborative force is hard to beat. So, as well as promoting the great work we produce as a team, it makes sense to shine a light on our Storm Troopers¬†who make that team so successful. This month, we’re heading to the UX corner and chatting with our UX Designer Rashmi about design, vegan restaurants and folk music.

storm trooper

Hey Rashmi! Thanks for taking the time to chat! I guess it makes sense to start at the start, right? So, what’s your background?

I did my undergrad in Visual Communication Design in India and an MSc in Design Ethnography at the Unversity of Dundee. I’ve worked as an artist, graphic designer, design ethnographer and user interface designer before ending up here as a user experience designer at Storm.

That sounds fascinating! How did you become interested in design and user experience?

User experience design is part of service design, which I’m deeply interested in. I got drawn to working for the web as a designer during my undergrad days. As I was more interested in understanding end users to design better products, I naturally gravitated towards user research and later studied design ethnography. I use ethnographic methods and principles as much as possible in my field of user experience design.

storm troopers - meet Rashmi

You sound really passionate about it. So, how did you end up at Storm?

I moved to Edinburgh five years ago as my husband is Scottish. I applied for the job at Storm as the company and job profile seemed to match what I was looking for. I’ve been here for four years now.

When you’re not at work, how do you like to spend your time in the city?

I have a little baby to take care of, so my life has taken a massive shift from enjoying the city during my free time. But, when time permits, I love going out to see folk music gigs from across the world, hiking in decent weather, exploring vegan foods outside, writing food reviews and seeing inspiring art and design exhibitions.

That all sounds pretty great to me – I’ll need to get some restaurant recommendations from you later.¬†As a UX Designer, what does your role entail? What do you enjoy most about your job?

My role is quite vast as I work with stakeholders and users to draw understanding and extract insights about business, user behaviours, user needs, their motivations, frustrations and expectations. It also involves understanding what users’ lives are like. I run focus groups, workshops, interviews and surveys to gather insights. I also carry out a lot of desk research, usability expert reviews and accessibility reviews.

In short, my job is to ensure that users have a great experience while using the web services that we design at Storm. From business and user insights, I visualise user journeys – that involves a lot of sketching of user journeys and interactions.

I work closely with other teams such as business, content consultants, designers, front end and back end developers. It’s this variety and collaboration that I most enjoy about my job.

Storm Troopers - Meet Rashmi

If you could add one song to the office playlist, what would it be?

I have too many favourites, but for now I’m choosing this absolutely magical fiddle tune called Iris by Adam Sutherland. It gives me goosebumps!

What has been your favourite project to work on in your time here?

The West Sussex County Council project has been my favourite one while at Storm. It involved quality user research. The engagement with the audience and stakeholders, the insights we got, along with content design, metadata and visual design all came through well together. It was good teamwork.

Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents we don’t know about?

I escape away to indulge in painting and cooking my own vegan recipes.

If you could be any famous person for a day, who would it be and why?

I’m choosing a ficticious famous character – I’d absolutely love to be Calvin from ‘Calvin and Hobbes’. I love his imaginative world and to be lost in such a world is childhood bliss…except when he’s trying to eat the green stuff his parents want him to eat!

storm troopers - meet Rashmi - Calvin and Hobbes(image source)

Thanks Rashmi, this has been great! My last question for you: what’s your favourite thing about Storm?

People here are fun to work with. The work culture is relaxed and I always find myself learning lots of new things at Storm.

Do you want to join our team of Storm Troopers?

If hearing about Rashmi’s experiences has piqued your interest about working here at Storm ID, check out our current vacancies or send your CV in to careers@stormid.com. We look forward to hearing from you!




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