Our Storm Troopers: Meet Angus

30 April 2018

“Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out.”

John Wooden

As we wave goodbye to April, our favourite time of the month is here – payday! Well, that too, but we also get to meet another one of our Storm Troopers. This month, we find out more about our Web Developer Angus, from his favourite movie to proudest achievement yet.

Hi Angus, let’s get started! How did you end up at Storm?

I contacted Storm about a summer internship before my final year at Heriot-Watt University and was asked back to take part in the graduate programme once I’d finished my studies. That was a couple of years ago now and I’ve been here ever since.

How did you become interested in your field?

I just kind of fell into it, if I’m honest! It was what I was good at when I was at school, so it seemed to be a good choice at uni. Having ended up at Storm, I’ve thankfully landed on my feet.

So, what does your role entail?

As a web developer, my job is to write the functional code for websites we make as opposed to the nice looking front-end stuff that users get to see. My favourite part of the role is discussing problems with other developers to come to a neat solution, as I always learn something from these.

What surprised you most about Storm after you started?

All of the friendly people. I was expecting people to scoff at my ability when I started, but in reality everyone wants you to do well here and is willing to help you learn, even if it’s just the basics.

If you could add one song to the office playlist, what would it be?

Silence. I spend most of the day with my headphones on anyway because I find it easier to concentrate. But, when I am listening to the office tunes, I like it when it’s something I don’t recognise.

Ok, that’s enough about work! How long have you been in Edinburgh?

I’ve always been in Edinburgh. Including my time at uni halls, all of the places I’ve lived have been in a 2.5 mile radius! I think I probably underestimate Edinburgh because I’ve never really left, but it’s good for cycling around and it’s even quite quick to get to Fife by bike.

How many languages can you speak? Do you wish you could speak any more?

Just English. It’d be handy to speak the language of wherever I go on holiday, but I’ve never been very good at learning them so I have to get away with the basics and hope Google can help out with the rest.

What has been your proudest achievement to date?

I got married last year, so it would be rude to say anything else! Planning a wedding takes a lot of effort, even if you aren’t the main person organising it.

Congratulations! What about your favourite movie and why?

It’s got to be Die Hard because I’m a massive fan of Christmas! Every year I get together with friends from school to watch one of the original three with nachos and Twinkies, the way it should be watched.

And finally, what’s on your bucket list?

I’d quite like to visit every continent, which feels like an achievable goal. So far I have Europe, North America and Asia under my belt with plans for Africa next year. The only thing stopping me is Australia, I can’t take the heat!

We definitely don’t need to worry about that in Scotland… Thanks, Angus!

We’re always on the lookout for new Storm Troopers to join the team. If that could be you, check out our latest vacancies or send your CV to careers@stormid.com.




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