Live Blogging Storm’s Technical Meeting

22 September 2009

The Technical Meeting is the lifeblood of Storm ID’s activity. It takes place on the last Thursday every month, in a super secret location and acts as a forum for all our teams to express themselves over a burger or two. What could we improve? Are there new disciplines our people could benefit from adopting? Anything and everything is laid bare on the (dining) table.

For the first time, to give an insight into the workings of the Storm machine, we’ll be Live Blogging the meet, via our wonderful Twitter feed @stormid.. It takes place from 3pm this coming Thursday (24th Sept), so keep your eyes (and social media feeds) peeled for the latest goings on, and join in the discussion wherever you are. And if you aren’t already, follow us!




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  • camelglasses

    >An excellent meet had by all! Good to get some interaction from the Twitter community! Cannae wait for the next one

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