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8 September 2015


In March 2014 we carried out an employee survey. The overall aim of the survey was to collect anonymous feedback from the team that would help us to continue to improve the working lives of our employees. The topics in the survey included questions about reputation, leadership, communication, rewards, work, development, well-being and organisational culture.

At Storm ID, we’re keen to attract and retain the very best talent and nurture and develop them. We recognise that whilst pay and rewards are important, of equal importance, and for some of more importance, is giving our staff the ability to hone and develop their own skills and talents in the workplace. In the survey, people said that they’d like time to work on personal projects to help them to develop, so we got to thinking how this might work, and came up with the idea of Storm Labs.

Storm Labs

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Storm Labs – Driving innovation at Storm ID

The aim of Storm Labs is to provide every single employee, regardless of their area of expertise, with twelve days per year to undertake innovative and experimental projects, engendering a spirit of curiosity, innovation and experimentation, and encouraging collaboration and teamwork outside of mainstream Storm ID projects.

We launched Storm Labs in December last year, with its own identity in keeping with its spirit of curiosity, and we’re now starting to see the fruits of people’s ideas. We even held a Storm Labs cafe for an afternoon, an informal meeting of minds, where people could drop-by, listen and contribute to other people’s ideas, and pitch their own ideas to colleagues. A variety of projects and ideas have been popping up since then on the Storm Labs Yammer group, and people have been splitting off and establishing themselves into teams to develop their ideas further. Teams (or individuals) are self-governing; responsible for their own planning and resourcing, and of course the outcomes of their experiments!


Storm Vibes is the first completed Labs project.

We’re seeing really exciting things starting to take shape, and one of the teams has just completed the first Storm Labs experiment – Storm Vibes.

Completed work will be showcased on the coming Storm Labs website, to shine a light on the innovative and experimental work that has been undertaken by the team.




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