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23 November 2016

How to Acquire Customers and Become Famous

What do you do when the ever-changing business environment springs up a new thing?

Do you bury your head in the sand?

You shouldn’t unless underground is your creativity hotspot!

Business innovation and adaptability are key. Because of the way technology continues to evolve, the marketing options and the way people obtain information are rapidly changing – and so should your marketing efforts.

Leave the past behind.

Move on from the fighting for clients’ attention.

Instead, acquire customers by tailoring your content specifically to their interests.

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Why is High ROI marketing important and how can your business acquire customers?

We believe organisations need to constantly acquire customers to succeed. Whether for commercial start-ups, industry giants, SMEs or charities, effective customer acquisition will yield Return on Investment (ROI).

When you have successfully attracted the right audience, converting them into clients is easier. A well-defined client-base will also establish your organisation as a trustworthy institution.

Statistics from Impact show that organisations that use blogs extensively to acquire customers are 13 times more likely to achieve ROI than their counterparts.

Generating leads with Inbound Marketing

Before you create leads or acquire customers for your business, you first need to acknowledge that some of your audience knows little to nothing about your organisation. This is why business growth relies on much more than simply advertising your brand.

You can overcome this, however, by customising your content to appeal to your audience through blogs, use of keywords and social media. Once you have your audience hooked, you can work your charm converting them into leads, customers and even promoters of your brand.

According to the The State of Inbound 2016 report, Facebook is quickly catching up to Google with 2 billion users who rely on it for searches. It also states that customers have more control over advertising now – with mobile blocking increasing by around 90%.

This means that although advertising through Facebook can be a useful tactic, it cannot form the only part of a successful marketing strategy. Appealing to your prospects through targeted content is a much more profitable strategy today.

A  Kapost report, reveals that High ROI Marketing produces 3 times more leads than outbound approaches.

Acquire customers, improve customer engagement and building up their trust

New clients are fickle, so it is critical that you keep them.

Begin by knowing and catering to their interests and needs.

Engage with them on social media, attend to their questions and comments, and tailor your communication throughout their customer lifecycle.

This will create a strong bond between them and your brand.

Inbound Marketing Report

According to the report, very few people still rely on salespeople for their purchases. The rest would rather their sales pitch to come through blog content and media that they can customise according to their interests.

High ROI Marketing in boosting website traffic

A successful strategy to acquire customers has another benefit: increased website traffic.

Yes, this argument seems back to front when you consider that the increased traffic should be what leads to more customers, but in fact it is a critical consideration.

Increased traffic has an impact on your ability to optimise at speed – getting data about how your website is used is key to being able to make decision about what to change, add or delete from the website, improving its CRO and SEO potential.

With an influx of new visitors to your website, you will start to enjoy the returns of having one in the first place. No one wants a white elephant. So why have a fancy, yet dormant website that costs you an arm and both legs, when it could be increasing visits and ROI?


Inbound Marketing can increase your annual sales revenue

Of course, an effective strategy to acquire customers leads to an increase in sales revenue and the bottom line. When you know where to find your customers, what they want and how they want to hear about it, then you have a modern genie in a bottle to make your business wishes come true.

According to Kapost, companies that acquire customers using new content platforms enjoy a 45% increase in Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) volumes.

SMEs can also benefit from High ROI Inbound Marketing

To acquire customers, organisations no longer have to spend a fortune on outbound marketing efforts. Today’s order is more cost-effective. According to Inbound Marketing Cost and Budget Stats, organisations that use inbound marketing save over $14 (about £11) for every customer they acquire, while mid-sized establishments save 31% of their marketing costs.

Challenges of Inbound Marketing

As with anything, inbound marketing is not without its challenges. Let’s consider them below:

  • Writing good and informative content takes time.
  • SEO can be difficult to achieve when operating in a highly competitive environment. This requires thorough keyword searches. It also takes time for rankings to update.
  • Tracking your inbound marketing progress and ROI can be challenging. It needs one to purchase platforms such as Marketo to make it easier.

Here at Storm ID, we help organisations identify the best channel mix for campaigns in a free consultancy session.

Get in touch to book one today or analyse your current lead generation strategy with our free toolkit.





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