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13 April 2017

Social Media Tips That’ll Make You a More Successful Lover

In this article, we thought it’d be fun to take a libertine’s view of inbound marketing, and identify 10 social media tips that will improve your brand’s charme. How so? Because more online reach means more leads, which translates into success – and in this game, that’s how attractiveness is measured.

In social media terms, your business might currently be as noticeable as the garden variety wallflower, but the following tips will help you unleash its inner Don Juan.

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Free Love

Cast your mind back to a more free-minded, salacious time, when groups of spirited, restless and adventurous folk would gather together to share, well, pretty much everything. Regrettably, the culture of free love has long since passed with all the risks about it.

However, your business can still ‘do a Woodstock’ online and get off with multiple safe partners through organic promotions via social platforms like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Engaging people and brands through these mediums encourages them to take a little time off from their schedules and get to know each other a little better.

The benefit of organic promotion within particular social networks is that like-minded users naturally spread the love when they are enticed by your blog posts:  it’s about back-links and click-throughs, likes and shares. It’s a frenzy of love flowing in all directions, as everyone is elevated on the rising tide of ecstasy. It sounds intense, doesn’t it?

Just remember, there’s nothing sadder than an orgy nobody else shows up to, so spend some time learning how to maximise the reach of each platform’s sharing potential before sallying forth.

Paying For It

Desperate times require desperate measures – but we’re not here to judge. When you’re a bit rusty, you need to do what you can get back on the saddle. So to get the ball rolling, it might be a good idea to throw some money at it and give your posts a bit of a boost.

Promotional tools on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as ad services such as OutBrain, are cheaper than the pheromone sprays and performance-boosting products currently on the market. They also generate new adorning fans through likes and clicks—just without the licks—and are guarantors of generating leads and successful conversion rates, leaving you looking like the prize stud on the farm.

Knowing When To Make Your Move

Here’s a social media tip that’ll take you a long way to becoming a digital adonis: you might be in the mood—all fired up and ready to go—but, are they? Getting the timing of your social media posts just right is essential if you want to make sure they touch enough people in just the right way. Remember, it’s about taking care of his/her/their needs first, and timing is of the essence.

The Rhythm Method – Schedule Your Love

Who are we to argue with the passionately punctual? Scheduling in some time for intimacy can have great benefits for both partners, as it makes the engagement predictable, and both parties can begin to anticipate it eagerly until that long awaited moment finally arrives. It also provides a way to ensure that the engagement happens, even if both parties find themselves in the throes of a busy schedule. Oh… this logic also works perfectly well for your social media posts, by the way.

Learn Some New Moves…

If you’d describe the online love life of your business as ‘solid, but unspectacular’ (don’t worry, you’re not alone), perhaps some extra spice is what you need. It never hurts to wander off the beaten track and find some new ways of expressing yourself. Reformatting content as video for YouTube or as audio for SoundCloud, for example, can rejuvenate old relationships, and inspire new ones. Further, audio and visuals stimulate your users’ imagination, creating an association in their memory bank – the perfect ingredients to drive long-term success.

…But Don’t Forget What You’re Good At

Although new tools are always an exciting novelty, it’s always good to remember that—with so many fish in the sea—there is a reason why your partners sought you out. By analysing and repurposing your most popular posts, you can keep old flames burning.

What’s Hot Right Now?

What’s the talk of the town? What is on the tip of everyone’s tongue? What are the crazy kids doing these days? Including new and trending topics in your blog posts will ensure you stay current, relevant and fresh, like the “curious” first timer who’d like to get a feel for the ropes at a swinger’s party.

Get Visual

Human beings are visual creatures. It’s true because these scientists say so. Like a peacock fanning its tail feathers, you need to make your posts more attractive to potential mates by giving them a visual display to get their juices flowing. Attaching coherent, correctly tagged and (perhaps) branded images to all of your posts is a key ingredient – kind of like having a shave prior to a date because you know you’re going to get lucky.

I’m Who You Need Me To Be, Baby

The best lovers find a way to give their partners exactly what they want. This requires flexibility and adaptability – ideally, you need to be able to provide a bespoke service for every partner, finding exactly the right triggers to set them off. It might sound tiring, but—by creating social media channels to match buyer personas—you can become the kind of versatile digital suitor that garners online success.

Never Compromise On Quality

Look, we’ve all been there. We all know how even one bad experience can kill off potential new relationships, and—if there’s one thing you need to ensure in your quest to become a better lover—it is that you never, ever let your standards slip. Most inbound marketing experts agree that chances of success increase exponentially when the content being promoted is original and truly adds value. The kind of stuff you wouldn’t want to kick out of bed.

A Little Daunted…?

The stats can be dizzying, and because there are so many facets to think about to enhance your online mojo, we don’t blame you for feeling a bit of performance anxiety. Social media is a critical ingredient of good inbound marketing and is, therefore, a key part of what we do at Storm ID.

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