How to Get Your First Job to Start Your Digital Marketing Career

6 February 2017

Last night is a bit of a blur. You graduated yesterday and your parents were there,and you went for a nice meal and it was lovely.  But then you hit the town with your friends.  5am, you came home. 5am!  I guess you have to sign the student life off somehow.

Today, though, it’s time to look forward.  Powered by Irn Bru (other sugary drinks are available) and paracetamol it is time to start thinking about your career options. What is next? Are there any graduate marketing jobs? Internships?

McDonald’s tastes lovely, but you don’t really want to work there. Just how does one get into digital marketing anyhow?

Here are some tips on how to get your first job to start your digital marketing career.

The hard part: Which job to look for

Digital marketing is a broad field therefore you need to make your career choice based on where your passion lies.

In any industry or field, people who make the wrong choices, find themselves in a fruitless and frustrating career. The clock-watching, the constant complaints, and low productivity are all the aches and pains of making the wrong choice.

Look for some graduate marketing jobs at companies that have a culture that resonates with you. Internships or traineeships at top-shelf employers are great for those looking for a marketing family rather than just a job.

Getting prepared

These days, individuals are measured on their personal brand and their attitude, and not plainly on their CV. What you must do as a graduate or job seeker is to make sure you have your social media in order. Your personality must be conveyed through these channels as well as in person.

Apply at companies that you feel passionate about. Fitting into the right environment will bring you success much quicker. If you enjoy the work you’re doing and you’re working in a good environment, you won’t feel the need to knock off as soon as possible.

Read and be in the know

A digital marketer who doesn’t know what’s going on in the world is like a surgeon who can’t operate.
Be enthusiastic, be a sponge for information. You can enrol in online courses.

There are a number of free courses to choose from which will keep you up to date and hone your skills.

What’s out there for a digital marketer?

You can start off by looking at search engine optimisation or “SEO”. It’s a very interesting part of digital marketing and has a technical and creative appeal to it. SEO allows a site to be found through organic searching (non-paid search) when using a search engine and aims to keep the site at the top of search results.

Content writing is also a great place to start. You’ll be the storyteller, writing relevant content for a site – keeping the audience engaged.

How about trying some blogging? Posting regularly to keep the interest of the audience going on blog sites and popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking of social media sites, you could become a social media marketer. Social media attracts millions of users who are potentially your audience, depending on your niche market or products and services you are marketing. This may also be an easier place to start your digital marketing career as it is not too technical and mainly social.

Creating CTAs, Landing Pages and Thank You Pages makes you a leader, encouraging the audience to take certain actions, like signing up to a site, subscribing, downloading or purchasing an offer, and thanking them for their participation with the relevant reward.

Last but not least, you could look into email marketing. Write convincing emails that attract the recipient to visit a particular site or promotion of specific products and services.

At Storm ID, the above usually works hand in hand and you’ll find yourself involved in more than one of these topics, but you may develop remarkable skills in a particular area if you apply yourself.

You’ll be recognised as the ‘specialist’ and all your colleagues will come to you for help. Having a broad knowledge of marketing as a whole (across disciplines) and in-depth skills in a single field will make you an attractive candidate for employment once you’re done with your internship/traineeship.

We’re always on the look-out for talented people. Check out our current vacancies or send us your CV!





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