How to Destroy The Death Star Using Only Marketing Automation

20 April 2017

Make it as Easy as Bullseyeing Womp Rats Back Home

Automation makes marketing—and fighting interstellar villains—much more efficient. Don’t believe us? Well, then strap yourselves in for an ‘alternative facts’ version of the Death Star explosion.

Don’t worry, this time, it’s not a trap!

We’re sure it’ll change the way you see your role in neutralizing human error in your business and the apocalyptic hissy fits of an intergalactic bad guy, whose fashion sense consists of a black helmet with a caped power suit. No, Darth, I find your lack of faith disturbing.

The Story So Far

Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire are up to their old tricks, and they have the kyber crystal-powered superlaser trained directly at Tattooine. Rebel Alliance leaders scramble to get Luke Skywalker on his Jedi x12 mobile, but he’s on holiday at a hippie sanctuary on the forest moon of Endor – and there’s no WiFi or mobile signal. First world problems!

There’s also no Force allowed at the sanctuary. Skywalker’s incommunicado, folks. But he is feeling quite mindful, so there is that.

In his absence, the responsibility falls on you, (the Rebel Alliance’s Chief Intergalactic Marketing Jedi) to coordinate the Rebel Army and destroy the Death Star. Despite your protestations off ill-preparedness, the Alliance is in short supply of heroes. Solo’s dead (spoiler alert) and Skywalker’s aloofness over the last few decades frankly makes the guy unreliable.

You’ve been entrusted with the fate of the planet. You have willing fighters at your disposal and some crucial information at hand, but you are up against tremendous odds.

How do you do it?

Clearly, what you need is a strategy that relies on persistence and efficiency. You need your X-Wings to be in the right place at the right time, to inflict the damage they can as the cooling vents open, and then get the hell out of range before the Death Star begins to fire back.

As human-error could (and has in previous showdowns) prove catastrophic, what you need is a precise and automated workflow to coordinate your Rebel Army: sending them out at just the right time, to just right the strategic outposts, and then calling them back to safety when conditions begin to turn.

It takes a lot of time – you need some help along the way, and a whole bunch of software to keep defense, communications and analytics systems running. But soon enough, you have your Rebel Fighters linked up to an automatic workflow battle system, where they are flying out and attacking to an exact schedule, and all of them are making it back to the home base. Nice work.

The pilots wait in safe zones, receiving triggers to spur them into action, and they’re programmed to attack the cooling vents, which presents the greatest opportunity for victory. After several sorties, the first cooling vent is destroyed. Then the next. And the next. Soon, you have your fighters running so efficiently that every trip takes down another cooling vent. And just as the Death Star is preparing to fire one last shot in Tattooine’s direction, the giant contraption explodes violently in flames despite the plot hole that there is no oxygen in space for the flammable materials to oxidise with. Plot holes don’t matter though. You’ve done it!

You’re a hero. Even though it’s a unit of distance, not time, in less than 12 parsecs, you’re on the cover of every magazine across the galaxy and your face is splashed all over the inter-galactic-net. Although people think you’re just being modest, in every interview you give all the credit for your stunning defeat of the galaxy’s worst-dressed antagonist to the slick automated workflow system that brought you success.

The Real World

Okay, so maybe your business won’t ever be called upon to defeat the Death Star. We get it, it’s fantastical thinking, with some questionable physics to make it look better on screen. But that doesn’t mean the two situations are entirely dissimilar, or that your company couldn’t stand to reap the benefits of marketing automation.

The basic strategy deployed to neuter Vader’s evil plans has many parallels to the challenges we marketers deal with everyday. And that’s why, just like the Jedi’s keeping planets safe, automation workflows are to us what a lightsaber is when you’re hanging from a ledge, preparing a daring manoeuvre to swing to safety cut down your enemy with a decisive blow.

With its systematic emphasis on efficiency, analysis and persistence, of never ‘standing still’ and always looking for opportunities (that’s how Jedi’s defeat 20 starship troopers firing at them at the same time, by the way). It is also having different parts of the system ‘talk to each other’ all the time in order to trigger actions throughout the system – that’s the hallmark of automated inbound marketing campaigns.

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So how is an automatic email service at all like battling the Death Star, then?

Well, in both cases you have an unpredictable target. Sending out emails to raise new leads and make new business connections is hard work, and it can be difficult to gauge results immediately. Moreover, let’s say your primary weapon of choice (your Top-of-Funnel offering) is something that a new client can use in some way: an eBook download or an exclusive link to a webinar, perhaps.

You need to think of every click that the first email generates as akin to the temporary opening of one of the Death Star’s cooling vents: your window of opportunity to get in there and do some serious business. You can’t just sit back and ‘wait and see’ how responses go: you need to take advantage of every opening that presents itself. You don’t have much time in which to do it – there’s simply too much at stake.

This is where marketing automation enters the plot. By setting up a trigger to immediately respond to any clicks generated by your initial engagement, automation times those shots at the Death Star’s vents perfectly. This follow-up could then also trigger further comms in the chain of productivity: one that identifies interested recipients and sends them more specialised content, like a Middle-of-Funnel offering that directly relates to your company’s key products and services.

When this piece of content is downloaded, your automated system can send an immediate notification to the sales team (your willing and brave space fighters) – who can then pounce, like a primed Rebel Army, on the demonstrably interested leads. In this way, marketing automation can eliminate delays and inefficiencies caused by bottlenecks and human error, streamlining operations and ensuring that work is always moving forward, and is always directed towards the best targets – ready to seize critical opportunities.

From galaxies far, far away to our beautiful little blue speck at the outer edge of the Milky Way, marketing Jedi’s are teaching us the benefits of their advanced automation technology for the betterment of the world, and other places we’ve never imagined existed.

And we happen to know a few automation masters ourselves…

Chat to us about our automated marketing services. If our software solutions can help to destroy a Death Star, just imagine what they can do for your business.

May the Force be with you.

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