Employee Social Engagement: A Marketing Strategy

19 June 2017

Employee advocacy is a marketing tool waiting to succeed, but rarely utilised. Many companies don’t understand the importance and benefits of encouraging their employees to advocate on the business’s behalf. The following are the most compelling reasons why creating an employee social strategy should be part of any employer’s overall marketing strategy.

Empower your employees to support the business’s goals

Employee social engagement is a great way to push engagement throughout the business process. You will notice that employees will champion your brand if they believe in it; satisfied employees will project their enthusiasm and passion for their jobs and your business. Such employee advocacy is proven to encourage a 27% increase in employees’ optimism about their company’s future.

By publicly expressing their contentment via social media to their personal connections, they are publicly promoting your company and creating a positive image of the brand on social media. 77% of customers admit they are more likely to buy from a company whose CEO uses social media.

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Humanise the brand

Creating social media advocates out of your employees will push more of your potential customers or clients towards conversions. It’s all well and good having the business social accounts heralding the products or services you provide, but hearing how great the company is from the people who keep the doors open is much more convincing. Employee content receives, on average, 8 times more engagement than that shared by brands.

Maximise your social reach

Another reason to push for internal social engagement is that you will increase your social media audience tenfold. Employees have ten times more followers than corporate social channels, so you want to harness the human element of your business and get your employees spreading the word on how great you are.

Investment in empowerment

By entrusting your employees to advocate on your behalf, they will feel more engaged with the business. You want your employees to want to invest their time in this social engagement strategy. It will create a stronger connection between them and the company. You have to invest in engaging them; prove to them that they have a stake in the success. By making the staff feel involved and engaged, they’ll feel rewarded when the strategy is measurably successful and results in lead generation.

A great financial return

One study by Dynamic Signal highlighted that companies with engaged employee advocates witnessed 5 times more website traffic and 25% more leads as a result. It also noted that employee advocacy drives 20-50% of overall event registrations from social – with an increase in the likelihood of event attendance by 50%.

Employee advocates can be voluntary or assigned. “Takeovers” (one employee/team take ownership) of social channels is one fun way to get employees invested in the strategy. Otherwise, incentives and general encouragement to share company content on personal channels and post content on those channels while at work will soon get people in the social spirit.

If you want to strengthen your employees’ advocacy and pride in their company, cut costs on earned media and expand your audience reach across a variety of platforms, employee social engagement truly is a hugely important element to consider in your marketing strategy.

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