How to Drive Digital Change in an Organisation

11 July 2016

Even though many companies now realise the need for digital transformation, it can still be difficult to achieve the necessary organisational change in any meaningful way. This issue is only multiplied if you don’t have the full commitment of the organisation’s upper echelons. Enacting positive change is hard enough as it is, let alone when you have to deal with pushback from executives with genuine decision-making power. This post will outline a few steps you can take to drive digital change in your organisation and reap the benefits of being digitally connected to the modern consumer.

Create a sense of urgency.

While this is often easier said than done, there are a number of ways you can go about creating a sense of urgency to drive change and foster a digital transformation in your organisation.


For instance, demonstrating the extent to which your average consumer or target customer has embraced digital as a way of life – be it through social media, online marketplaces, mobile apps, etc. – should definitely turn heads. At the very least, demonstrating this will start a discussion about the role of digital in your company, which can then lead to the actualisation of positive digital change.

Develop a transformative vision and prototype.

Another key reason that many fail to drive change is that their overall digital transformation vision fails to provide a cohesive understanding of what the company is doing – and why.


By outlining the strategic vision of your company’s digital transformation and communicating it effectively to everyone in the organisation, you’re not only more likely to have everyone on board with the changes, but positively boost morale and motivate people as well. It’s paramount that this vision is shared across the company, has executive buy-in, and involves all key stakeholders. Your prototype – your condensed proof of concept designed to win the hearts and minds of stakeholders – should encapsulate the digital vision and be more persuasive than just talking about an abstract idea. Through making it visual, the other members of the board will have an idea on what your plan and goal is.

Map your customer journey.

Gaining a better understanding of how your customers engage with your company through all various touchpoints they engage with you – be it online or offline – is an integral part of any digital transformation.

Map Customer Journey

But comprehensively mapping your customer journey can also do wonders for motivating and driving change throughout your organisation. This is because it imparts a visual and concrete representation of why change is necessary, thereby simultaneously supplementing your transformative vision while heightening the sense of urgency. Mapping your customer journey helps considerably in giving your efforts both scope and direction.

Build an interdepartmental digital transformation team.

Another key way to drive digital change in your organisation is to create a digital transformation team whose sole responsibility is to manage, guide, and report on the digital transformation. This is valuable for two primary reasons. First, by dedicating people to your transformation efforts, you’ll have a business structure through which to guide the process and make sure it keeps moving. Any digital transformation that doesn’t have a dedicated team will be little more than an afterthought for those who are already fulfilling their professional roles. Second, the digital transformation team can ensure a holistic approach to organisational change management by comprising people from various business departments – marketing, sales, IT, product and service development and delivery, and so forth.

Seek the guidance of experienced professionals.

Another great way to drive digital change in your organisation is to harness the power of a dedicated digital agency or consultancy. Doing so allows you to tap into and make the most of professionals with experience in organisational change management that best fits your company’s unique situation and customer base.

Storm Digital Consultancy

Hiring a specialist agency like Storm ID can also accelerate the process considerably, as you will avoid many of the pitfalls and shortcomings that are all too often inevitable for those trying to make it on their own. We can also help develop your ideal digital vision, gather data, produce an effective prototype and business case, as well as set up a change management plan – thereby working with you to drive meaningful digital change.

Is your organisation ready for digital transformation?

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