18 February 2016

Storm Events: Join Us For Our Next Event In Leith!

Come join us on 15 March for Designing with Data, the second evening in our Storm Events series. We'll be talking about measuring site performance with simple metrics and...

19 January 2016

From Distribution to Customer Experience

Starting a new business in any industry sector before the internet was hard. Really hard. It required not only a good product/service, a compelling price point with...

24 September 2015

Don’t Let Your UX Be Ruled By HiPPOs!

How to be a strong UX participant, and make your voice heard! The successful delivery of a User Experience-driven product or service depends on more than technical...

14 August 2015

The Weary UX Designer

UX, in theory UX theory is neat and simple. Everything runs smoothly. As UX designers, we know the perfect product happily marries user needs and business needs....

13 June 2014

Contextual Research & Ethnography – or Field Research!

As User Experience experts we love our methods of engaging with users at the time of testing. We are also good at coordinating stakeholders and users on collaborative design...

7 March 2014

E-book: The Reading Experience & The Devices

Creating a Rich Reading Experience Imagine the freedom of reading books on which you can sketch, mark, create colourful sticky notes and add bookmarks. We tend to hesitate...

11 October 2013

The ever evolving approach to User Experience Design

This year’s EuroIA ( conference was held in Edinburgh 26-28 of September, Storm IDs Head of User Experience, took the opportunity to attend... On the morning...

13 October 2011

Steve Krug on DIY Usability Testing

Last week I attended the Etre Get Together with Anders Ramsay (on Agile Design) Louis Rosenfeld (on Adaptable Information Architecture) and Steve Krug (on DIY Usability...

17 June 2011

Building Algebra – Responsive Design for the Web

A few weeks ago Glasgow's Tramway launched their first online literary journal: Algebra, which was built here at Storm ID. Edited by their writer in residence  -...

22 December 2010

Exploring User Centred Design on Travel Websites

Over these last few days, the United Kingdom and many parts of Europe have been affected by snow and ice. To begin with this, the snow and ice brought some enjoyment to those...




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