24 May 2017

What’s the Difference between Innovation and Disruption?

Does a business need to be innovative to be disruptive? And does innovation automatically lead to market disruption? The answer is as much yes as it is no. To understand...

11 April 2017

Brainstorming Galore at Storm Labs

Innovation, Experimentation and Collaboration That’s what Storm Labs projects are made of. Not quite the sugar, spice and niceness of the Powerpuff Girls, but the folks...

30 January 2017

Is Artificial Intelligence Conquering the Consumer Market?

The AI Revolution Picture the scene. The year is 2011, multi-touch enabled smartphones have been available for the best part of 3 years and the world is eagerly awaiting the...

8 December 2016

Mission Impossible? How we built and launched a grants application system in just 6 weeks using agile methodology

A couple of months ago, we were approached by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) with an exciting project: building a grant application platform from scratch that would...

7 November 2016

Digital Health: Empowering People Affected by Cancer

In our earlier blog post ‘Being Physically Active’ we highlighted the well documented benefits of physical activity and its role to support long term conditions such as...

19 September 2016

Get Your Workplace Moving

Being Physically Active The benefits of physical activity have been well documented for an astounding amount of time, with the earliest record of using physical activity for...

2 September 2016

Psychologically Profiling Your Buyer Personas

How do personality traits help you develop buyer personas? We spend a lot of time in Inbound Marketing talking about buyer personas and researching our ideal customers to...

18 August 2016

Innovation in Digital Health: A Road of Incremental Improvements

The healthcare sector has long been heralded as a sector which will be transformed through digital technologies. It is clear that we are at the start of this development...

21 July 2016

Nintendo’s Digital Transformation: Why Pokémon Go was a Stroke of Genius

Yes – we are talking about Pokémon Go, too. How could we not, though? If you haven’t been living in an abandoned cave with no internet connection during the last...

18 July 2016

A Revolution in Ways of Working: The Rise of the Agile Organisation

You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world You tell me that it's evolution Well, you know We all want to change the...