Digital Transformation

13 November 2018

What is a Digital Transformation Strategy?

We talk about digital transformation a lot here at Storm. After all, it’s the beating heart of what we do – we help businesses change their processes by putting...

28 August 2018

What Does Digital Transformation Mean?

Pick a word, any word, and repeat it to yourself over and over again. After a while it starts to lose all meaning, right? The term “digital transformation” runs...

9 February 2018

Distributed Agile: The Storm Approach

How To Run an Agile Project with a Distributed Team The most recent Deloitte Outsourcing Survey found that outsourcing of IT functions was expected to rise by 31% in the...

5 February 2018

How Teaching Digital Skills Made Me a Better Coder

Let’s get started with a little background – I’m one of those ‘self-taught’ people who started learning how to build websites with the help of the internet and a...

24 January 2018

Brand Strategy in the Age of Voice

If you want to keep your gadget going six times longer, you know what you need to do. The reason you know is that the Duracell Bunny has pounded this association into the...

17 January 2018

Is 2018 the Year We Finally Get Robot Overlords?

What challenges can organisations expect to face in 2018? The Christmas Tree is now long packed away, and all those chocolate selection packs would only be a distant memory...

13 November 2017

Umbraco Health Checks in Practice

At Storm ID, we have a list of Quality Assurance (QA) tickets that are included in the delivery phase of every project. The list may be lengthy, but everything in it is...

25 July 2017

Close Competitor or Severe Threat? How to Spot a Disrupter

Competition keeps any industry healthy—it prevents stagnation and stimulates innovation. But competition is symmetrical: two or more players vie for market dominance,...

3 July 2017

The Most Successful Digital Disrupters of this Century

Successful digital disrupters do not conform to what’s happening on the market. Instead, they create a new value proposition to attract customers that the rest of the...

30 June 2017

Will Digital Transformation Save your Business From Becoming Disrupted?

The terms digital transformation and digital disruption are often thrown into the same hat. While they do feed off each other, you must know how to differentiate between...




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