Digital Marketing

6 April 2022

Google Analytics is dead! Long live Google Analytics 4!

Google has announced that from July next year it will stop collecting data into the older version of Google Analytics. It is time to migrate to Google Analytics...

21 March 2022

Sustainability and accessibility: the new digital frontiers

What is the digital carbon footprint? And how to improve a site's sustainability, while keeping it accessible? The internet contributes to 3.7% of global carbon emission....

24 February 2021

Stop Google Analytics referral spam for good!

There’s a hacker in your analytics data right now! Recently, we found a new more sophisticated version of referral spam being pushed into Google Analytics data. It turned...

6 November 2020

Unlocking Google Analytics 4

Should you upgrade to GA4? Edited: 13th November, 2020 Back on 14th October, Google announced a new version of Google Analytics, imaginatively titled Google Analytics 4....

15 January 2020

SEO Trends 2020: What You Need to Know

New year. New you. New SEO? Kind of. 2020 probably won’t be a year of fundamental changes to everything that you already know about SEO – this year looks to be more...

25 September 2019

Why Conducting a Digital Audit is Critical

Imagine a newly installed garden at the peak of summer: luscious green grass, a small bed of candy-coloured flowers and a water fountain tinkling quietly in the corner. For a...

30 April 2019

Voice Search Optimisation: A Guide for 2019

Is the hype surrounding voice search deserved? There's no shortage of advocates on voice search, but I hope that we can help cut through some of the noise with this...

29 January 2019

5 SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2019

The world of SEO is ever-changing; blink and you might miss Google making another algorithm update. While it can be hard to keep up, that’s what makes it so exciting. So,...

23 October 2018

What a Google Ads Consultant Can Do

A Google Ads consultant can change your life! ...said no one ever. After all, how hard could PPC be? It's just putting a few words in an ad and making some bids, right?...

10 October 2018

How to Build a Marketing Measurement Plan

Stop Guessing; Start Measuring Imagine you're training for a marathon. Maybe you go for a run every second day for about an hour or so, completing about 12 kilometres,...




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