Digital Marketing

15 August 2017

Why Should Your Business Do Content Marketing?

“Content marketing is a long term commitment, not a campaign.” Like John Hall, any digital marketer worth their salt will agree that content marketing, when well...

2 August 2017

Reinvigorate Your SEO Strategy: Improving and Repurposing Content

Creating new content is an exhaustive and time-consuming process. And when you’re a content marketer, the pressure to produce streams of interesting material is relentless....

18 July 2017

How to find your customers on social media

Social media is a no-brainer for companies looking to connect with their audiences. You should be appearing on platforms that your customers actively use and consume content...

6 July 2017

How To Be Creative In 5 Simple Steps

“Be creative!” That’s an order almost impossible to follow. If someone tells you to be creative, right now, it is most likely the opposite will happen: you’ll...

5 July 2017

Why Content Marketing and SEO Go Hand in Hand

When approaching any aspect of your inbound marketing strategy, your Buyer Persona's interests and challenges should determine the content you create - regardless of which...

27 June 2017

The Worst Blogging Mistakes: A Musical Lesson

The 15 Worst Songs ... About Blogging Sometimes I wonder about how to make blogging more fun and personal. I look for blogging tips and tricks from the professionals. What...

26 June 2017

The REAN Model – A flexible approach to digital strategy modelling

This is a follow-up from our much-loved blog post on the REAN model by the great Rob Tarling. Why use the REAN model? We use a lot of models in the digital marketing...

21 June 2017

The Implications of Twitter’s Redesign

Twitter's latest announcement had social media shook: We've redesigned Twitter to be more simple, modern, and live

19 June 2017

Employee Social Engagement: A Marketing Strategy

Employee advocacy is a marketing tool waiting to succeed, but rarely utilised. Many companies don’t understand the importance and benefits of encouraging their employees to...

12 June 2017

What Makes a Great Blog Post?

No longer reserved solely for food, fashion and personal opinions anymore, blogging is entering the marketing sphere in a big way. A steadfast way of promoting your industry...