17 January 2014

Storm ID Team’s Digital Predictions 2014

Here are the Storm ID team's Digital Predictions 2014 on what we think you should be keeping an eye on in 2014. We may not have the exact answers but we do have opinions,...

10 December 2013

Storm ID and skyscanner develop World Cup Flight Finder Tool

The Challenge With the World Cup Championship nearing closer in 2014 skyscanner wanted to ensure that the lucky fans who managed to get hold of match tickets could then find...

2 December 2013

The design and build of the Scottish Referendum website

The Challenge Storm ID was appointed in March 2013 by The Scottish Government to re-design the Scottish Referendum website so that it would provide the latest information on...

11 October 2013

The ever evolving approach to User Experience Design

This year’s EuroIA ( conference was held in Edinburgh 26-28 of September, Storm IDs Head of User Experience, took the opportunity to attend... On the morning...

18 September 2013

iOS 7 SDK: My Favourite Parts-Storm ID Blog Post

Notifications and background downloading Prior to iOS 7, an inactive app is ignorant of notifications sent to the device. With iOS 7, an app can register to be woken when a...

13 September 2013

Development Tools: The Essentials

Within the technical team here at Storm ID, there are a number of development tools that have become indispensable to us. These are either standalone programs, online...

3 September 2013

Thoughts on the new Google Nexus 7

The Storm Support Team share their views on the latest apps to download on the new Google Nexus 7. It’s sleeker, smarter, lighter, and faster than its predecessor and we...

26 July 2013

Bannockburn goes live

Bloody. Brutal. Bannockburn. The opening headline on the new Battle of Bannockburn website goes some way to hint at the horror of medieval warfare. A brand new visitor...

18 July 2013

The Independence Referendum: What Scotland thinks.

There are less than five hundred days until the people of Scotland take to the polls to vote in the referendum on Scottish independence. In the run up, more and more people...

10 June 2013

Coursetracker- Keeping golf on course

Growing economic and environmental challenges facing the golf industry mean it’s increasingly tricky to manage courses in a sustainable way. Dedicated to providing best...




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