Cloud Services

27 June 2019

Storm is Now Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

As a digital agency, we work with sensitive client data every day, and with that responsibility, we need to ensure that we’re taking cybersecurity seriously. This is why...

1 November 2018

Azure vs AWS: The Ultimate Showdown

Cloud computing is at the core of digital transformation. As initial reluctance has subsided, many businesses have embraced change and adopted the cloud as their data centre....

23 August 2018

7 Cloud Computing Security Measures to Take Now

With no shortage of benefits, it’s easy to see why so many are making the move to the cloud. But, as with all cyber technology, there are risks involved. Cloud computing...

23 May 2018

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has revolutionised the way companies do business. Gone are the days of using local servers to manage data, it’s all about “the cloud” now. If you’re...

5 March 2018

GDPR Countdown: What You Should Be Doing Now

The countdown to GDPR is on. Tipped as one of the biggest challenges of 2018, there are certain compliances you should be ticking off your list for 25 May 2018. Coined by...

7 September 2017

Azure Infrastructure as Code

At Storm ID, we have been developing and deploying our solutions in Azure since 2014. It was a relatively slow start, all things considered, but things have really come on a...

8 August 2017

Necessary Cloud Skills for IT Administrators

Operating in and, indeed, migrating to the cloud can be a daunting prospect for those traditional IT Administrators who have for so long now been accustomed to on premises...

27 July 2017

The CIO’s Role in Cloud Computing

With the advent of Cloud computing, you are probably aware that the IT arena has gone through dramatic changes in recent years. In fact, you have probably experienced and...

20 July 2017

The Evolving Relationship Between Cloud Computing and CTOs

Will Cloud Computing Change the Role of CTOs As We Know It? With technology advancing at record speed, you may begin to feel like it’s impossible to keep up. From the...

12 July 2017

Colocation, Cloud Services and Hybrid Cloud – A Comparison of Cloud Hosting Solutions

Colocation, Cloud Services or Hybrid Cloud? After having heard the terms ‘Colocation’ and ‘Cloud Services’ being thrown around in the world of Information...




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