Stewart Cruickshank

Stewart is our Consulting Director here at Storm ID. Find Stewart on LinkedIn.

17 January 2023

Storm ID appointed as a digital and data transformation delivery partner to the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

Leading digital transformation consultancy Storm ID has been appointed by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) as a digital and data delivery partner to...

26 May 2021

Storm ID develops automated transcription tool for Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

Digital transformation consultancy Storm ID has developed a new digital solution to help the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) automate business processes to...

25 July 2017

Close Competitor or Severe Threat? How to Spot a Disrupter

Competition keeps any industry healthy—it prevents stagnation and stimulates innovation. But competition is symmetrical: two or more players vie for market dominance,...

3 July 2017

The Most Successful Digital Disrupters of this Century

Successful digital disrupters do not conform to what’s happening on the market. Instead, they create a new value proposition to attract customers that the rest of the...

30 June 2017

Will Digital Transformation Save your Business From Becoming Disrupted?

The terms digital transformation and digital disruption are often thrown into the same hat. While they do feed off each other, you must know how to differentiate between...

14 June 2017

How the Sharing Economy is Disrupting the Way We Think of Business

The sharing economy is changing the way businesses interact with their consumer base. It is forcing companies in all industries to rethink their business model, lest they get...

6 June 2017

Why You Need an Agile Business Model to Survive

Surviving in the Digital Age: Why Becoming Agile Should be Your Big Transformation Goal for 2017 We live in a world where the consumer market is as vibrant and exciting as...

24 May 2017

What’s the Difference between Innovation and Disruption?

Does a business need to be innovative to be disruptive? And does innovation automatically lead to market disruption? The answer is as much yes as it is no. To understand...

17 May 2017

Disrupt or become disrupted: 6 Key Strategies to Survive Business Disruption

Disruption can be a gift or a curse depending on how your own company reacts to it. Spotting digital disruption is an art by itself (we analyse how to do this in our...

9 May 2017

Is Airbnb Really Disrupting the Hotel Industry? A Look Behind the Scenes.

Much Ado About Nothing or a True Disruptor? Examining the Hype of Airbnb Digital technology has changed the business world considerably over the years. For starters, it has...




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