Mhairi MacLeod

4 July 2013

Demand-side platforms herald a revolution

Online advertising is experiencing a revolution. Moving away from traditional, ‘black box’, models of online advertising where digital marketers have had little to no...

Why get hooked on Vine?

It’s tricky to get in a flutter about yet another social media app. When it’s a social media app run by Twitter however, that’s a different matter. Vine, which...

13 June 2013

What makes Glasgow a great city?

If you were asked to sum up why Glasgow is such a great city, what would you say? The folk are super friendly? It successfully fuses sport, culture and shopping? It’s the...

10 June 2013

Coursetracker- Keeping golf on course

Growing economic and environmental challenges facing the golf industry mean it’s increasingly tricky to manage courses in a sustainable way. Dedicated to providing best...

11 April 2013

106 million emails and counting

When Storm ID set out to work on a business to business communications solution with thomsonlocal Direct Marketing Services, we expected strong uptake  but are still left...

8 April 2013

SYP Elections – The results are in!

March 2013 proved to be a particularly historic month for Scottish politics, and not just because the date for the referendum on Scottish Independence was announced. In...

15 February 2013

Sheila Fleet Jewellery Celebrate Record Online Sales

Orcadian jewellery designer, Sheila Fleet Jewellery, is no stranger to breaking records. Working with Storm ID to relaunch their website in November 2011, the company has...

13 September 2012

Roadtrip! Storm ID visit Sheila Fleet Jewellery

We at Storm ID like to get out of the office; and we don’t just mean on a Friday at 5pm. We’re talking about going to visit our clients in-person, in their natural...

11 September 2012

Meet Storm ID’s first ever female web developer – Valerie

Girls rock. As far as the industry is concerned however, the first ladies of digital are on top of their game in management and marketing roles but there still remains a...

20 July 2012

Struggling to Juggle Everything? There’s an app for That!

Feel like you’ve got 101 jobs to do but no time to do them? This was the dilemma that Storm ID and the creators of Juggle set out to resolve with a new mobile app that...




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