Andy Lobban

12 December 2014

Attention web designers: consider using a bad monitor!

That's an odd thing to suggest, isn't it? We digital designers love us some shiny tech. From Retina MacBook pros or the new 5K iMacs to the latest hi-res displays from...

28 November 2014

Storm ID Discusses Adaptive Design

There's some confusion from some of our clients about what adaptive design really is and if, when and how it should be used. Responsive design is all but the industry...

12 April 2014

Exploring mobile-friendly ticketing solutions

Online ticketing is hard. Even in the days of (almost) desktop-only browsing there were many challenges. With the rise of mobile devices, touch and voice input it is more...

18 July 2013

The Independence Referendum: What Scotland thinks.

There are less than five hundred days until the people of Scotland take to the polls to vote in the referendum on Scottish independence. In the run up, more and more people...

6 December 2012

Flash support on mobile devices

Most people who build for the web agree that trying to use Flash on anything to be used by mobile devices is a bad idea. Most people, however, don't keep up with the state of...

23 February 2012

Responsive wireframing

There has been a lot of talk recently on the web about the best responsive design workflow, and part of that is the best way to wireframe for a responsive design. We've been...

3 February 2012

We Like a Challenge: Sharepoint 2010 Responsive Design

When it came to rebuilding the Tramway website – that wonderful arts icon located in southside Glasgow - we felt that this type of content-rich site would benefit from a...




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