Paul McGinness

24 February 2017

The Three Challenges for Digital Health in 2017 – And How We Solved Them

In a previous post we highlighted the wealth of knowledge and research already available from academic studies that support the case for using digital technologies to...

18 August 2016

Innovation in Digital Health: A Road of Incremental Improvements

The healthcare sector has long been heralded as a sector which will be transformed through digital technologies. It is clear that we are at the start of this development...

21 January 2016

Digital Distribution of Healthcare Services

In a previous post we highlighted how organisations across many sectors have derived competitive advantage by owning the distribution channel for their products and services...

19 January 2016

From Distribution to Customer Experience

Starting a new business in any industry sector before the internet was hard. Really hard. It required not only a good product/service, a compelling price point with...

21 January 2015

Digital Transformation and the Creative Destruction of Enterprise IT in 2015

Over the last three years Storm has worked on a number of digital transformation programmes for clients in healthcare, financial services, publishing, logistics, business...

15 December 2014

Open Data & The New Scottish Drink Driving Law

At Storm we support open data for a number of reasons. Data that is open: has significant potential for re-use in other digital services will help the discovery of new...

9 January 2012

Storm develops DirectScot – a prototype for a Scottish public services portal

DirectScot, a prototype for a Scottish public services portal, was launched today by the Scottish Government. The site, which was developed by Storm ID, is designed to...