5 Reasons why Smart Forms are Key to Capturing Higher Quality Leads

28 February 2017

Smart apps, smart phones, smart watches, smart toupees. Well, maybe not that last one; but you never know. If there’s one marketing gadget that truly deserves the “smart” adjective, it’s smart forms. These nifty forms make the lives of marketers and customers a whole lot easier by simplifying tedious customer information forms that take too long to complete and produce little value to the marketer.

The main problem with forms, as we’ve come to know them, is that they just feel like homework. But thanks to smart forms, it’s an entirely new experience for all players: marketing teams get more valuable data and customers experience less friction in the conversion process.

Smart forms allow you to generate as much information as possible through a lead’s ongoing journey with your brand. The more relevant information gathered, the better qualified your leads will be when they’re passed on to sales. And the more information sales has on a lead, the more relevant and useful their first sales call will be. Let’s take a closer look at what makes smart forms marketing and sales teams’ new best friend.

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1. Reduces form length and eliminates friction:

Let’s be honest, forms are tedious. The experience of having to jump through an endless procession of hoops makes your leads feel like they’re giving far more than what they’re getting – and that creates friction. Smart forms make the process a more value-based experience for both marketers and leads.

It does this by asking only pertinent questions and never repeats the same ones. Marketers stand to learn more about their leads and visitors with every engagement they have with a smart form, as users answer more personalised questions about themselves.

2. Improves your lead qualification:

We talk about context quite a lot on our blog.

That’s because it’s so important when you’re engaging new leads and visitors. You usually don’t know who your visitors are and asking the right question can kick off a healthy engagement.

For example, if your email automation company is engaging a marketing manager who is at the interest stage of the funnel, including questions on your form such as “What is your annual marketing budget?” or “Are you planning on implementing any new technology platforms in the coming year?” will help you further qualify that lead depending on the answers they provide.

3. Integrates with your CRM and other data sources:

Smart forms connect to your CRM and other platforms to act as a funnel for newly captured lead data. Not only that, but they also pull information from other sources to correlate and use customer information in smarter ways. This integration is where smart forms really show their mettle; by acting as a conduit for better data collection, integration and usage.

4. Smart forms adapt to your user’s device:

Most smart forms can detect which type of device or browser visitors are entering websites from and present the user with the right form for their device and browser.

This is of great benefit to marketers as mobile becomes the device of choice for younger generations of consumers. Moreover, being able to adapt the forms for each user experience will ensure people don’t disengage your website simply because the form they were expected to complete was too clunky.

5. Shorten your sales cycle by leveraging smart forms

Getting the necessary data to your sales team is paramount to their call-to-close ratios, and ultimately your business’ bottom line. Smart forms give your lead conversion game a huge boost by collecting valuable data at each intersection with your visitors and leads.

Knowing which levers to pull when using these clever information gathering tools will inform your lead nurturing strategy and get those conversions going. To learn more on how smart forms can help you boost conversions and qualify leads, download our free guide.

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